Report: Sony and LG Willing to Negotiate

As eagle-eyed repeat viewers to our earlier article regarding LG’s defeat in the Dutch courts today – their request to have 300,000 patent-impinging PS3s (allegedly) ground into Sony-flavoured dust and then sprinkled on LG’s board members’ crumpets – will have noticed, we employed Dutch speaking Steve to decipher the nuances of his native tongue in order to get to the bottom of just what the hell happened in the Hague.

Everything we reported is still on the money (LG’s request to gave Sony merchandise remained seized due to a patent dispute was denied, the Korean electronics company having to foot the hearing costs), but there’s some extra detail hidden deep within the confines of the report we originally didn’t pick up on. Steve got in touch and, providing more detail of what’s going on his homeland, told us that the spat between Sony and LG may be over sooner rather than later.


As many will already know, the ruling today is only related to LG’s request to prevent Sony’s goods from entering Europe. The larger feud, where LG claim Sony are in breach of Blu-ray patents, is still very much active. It appears, however, that this latest blow-up between the two electronics giants has had what was likely always the desired effect – to get the patent quarrel resolved for once and for all.

The actual patent lawsuit is due in front of a judge on November 18th, unless, of course, LG and Sony can settle the contention by themselves. According to reports coming out of the Netherlands today, LG is willing to settle, while Sony are also prepared to come to the negotiation table and discuss terms.

When this legal fracas first materialised, we did mention that the volley of writs exchanged between the two companies smacked of the usual legal wrangling corporate entities like to engage in with one another when they don’t see eye-to-eye. Here’s hoping the two corporations come to an agreement and this debacle is over soon. Might we suggest Sony send over some PS3s to LG’s board as a peacemaker? A few laps of MotorStorm: Apocalypse could stop most wars.

Source: (Thanks Steve)



  1. Sony really will have to pass around the peace-pipe on this one, with close to 100,000 PS3s entering Europe every week!

    • I can’t agree more with you bunimomike!

  2. This is how it should be. I very much doute there hasn’t already been talks between LG and Sony. It looks like LG is more keen in settling this out court.

    Do not be supprised if LG and Sony sign a cross technology alliance agreement in next few months. Hopfuly they will do, it nothing new as Sony has done deals like this in the past with Samsung.

  3. PS3s on crumpets?
    Naa, Marmite is the way forwards ;)

  4. A game named “Apocalypse” could stop most wars? Lmao. Love the wording on that one.

  5. Why do i get the feeling that Kevin Butler will be there with the move shooter and will threaten them into not sueing?;P

    It would be very bad if Sony was told that they can’t ship to the EU any more.If LG patented Blu ray then why didn’t they let Sony know before work started on the PS3? It would have saved LG time and money. you just know there is a MS excutive who is jumping with joy as this goes on.:P

    • Both LG and Sony are part of the Blu-ray Disc Association. Patent law, however, is a minefield. Hence, all this trouble.

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