Sony Win Their PS3s Back, Seizure Over

Further to the  story this morning, we’re now hearing that Sony has won the battle with technology giant LG over the recent PS3 seizures.

The translation seems sound enough, but we’re going off a Dutch news report (translated by GAF) so perhaps it’s worth awaiting full confirmation.

According to the reports, all 300,000 PS3s will be returned back to Sony, and the consoles can now be cleared for Europe.  LG are having to pay 130,000 Euro for the hearing costs.

Ths is only in relation to the current seizure, remember, the battle over the alleged patent infringement continues.

We’ll let you know if we get an official update.


Update 1: are now reporting the same thing.

Update 2: Our Dutch friend, Steve, has read the original article and has let us know that LG also must contact the tax office tomorrow informing them that the seizure has ended or face a €200,000 penalty for each day they fail to do so. We reckon that’s one post-it that won’t get lost at the back of the PC. “Do not forget!!! Ring tax office!!!” Finally, the next time (!) LG try to enforce a seizure, they have to talk to Sony first. Pretty sure LG have Sony’s number. If not, call me, LG, I have it.


  1. Yay!

  2. So how come LG lost? I take it the lost as they had to pay the legal fees.

    • …and that the 300,000 PS3s are being returned. Don’t know why LG lost though.

      • They haven’t lost the patent dispute, Sony have overturned the import ban.

  3. Cool Beans :-D

  4. Good news. Too bad the battle over patent infringements still have to be fought

  5. Go Sony!!!

  6. 2-0 to Sony today then, with the defeat of the hackers being their first triumph. Cheering for you Sony!

  7. LG down
    Geohot to follow!

    Av it

    • Next stop Microsoft and that bloody Kinect?!

  8. Phew. Relax.

  9. LG even had to pay 200.000 euro for each day they didn’t return the ps3’s.
    And LG didn’t lose the case about the patent stuff, just about the consoles LG took. The whole patent case is still pending, I suppose.
    (Some rough translations from the news article, if anyone cares. Perhaps google translate makes this clear aswell, I don’t know)

  10. Sony’s on the ball today, it seems.

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