Requiem for Optimism

Here at TSA, we’re a community. We’ve been caught banging on several times about how much we love the guys who comment and engage with us. We genuinely do think of many of our regulars as friends.

There are several staff members here, past and present, who have become more than just colleagues or casual friends. Several of the guys are like a kind of extended family now. So, before I get too sentimental, I’d like to divert your attention to the recent endeavours of TSA ex-staffer (and current boss at ScreenDemon), Lewis Gaston. You might know him as Gastos or even as that bloke who makes inappropriate jokes on the Oscar Mike Media podcast. He’s made an album.

The album, Requiem for Optimism, is available right now on iTunes for a measly £5.49. You might have noticed the advert we’re now running for it on the right hand side of the page (refresh if you don’t see it yet). That advert is there because we’d really like Lewis to sell quite a lot of copies of his album. We encourage you all to go and buy it.

But this little post, unrelated to the regular stream of content on this website, is for another reason. The purpose of this post is to wish Lewis all the best with Requiem for Optimism and to ask our amazing community to help us spread the word. We know that music is even more subjective than games so Lewis’ album might not be to your personal tastes but we also know that you have a lot of friends and we’d like them to know about Lewis too. So, click the advert, buy the album. Sure. But most importantly, spread the word.

Now, Lewis didn’t know I was going to post this so I’ll let you get back to our regular scheduling and I’ll go and wait for him to send me abuse and call me names for embarrassing him…




  1. When my book gets published all you people better buy it, goddammit!

    (Good luck with the album, Lewis!)

    • Care to embellish a little more.

    • I’m writing a novel. It won’t get published but I’m writing it anyway.

      • Get a woolly hat and a walking stick and call it Where’s Kovacs ?

    • Definitely. I love pop-up books. :P

      Cheers mate

  2. I didn’t know about this, you’re right, and I am suitably embarrassed. This is far beyond anything I would have asked/expected/wished for.

    Cheers for the support.

    Now go and buy it!


    • will get it tomorrow best of luck with it.

  3. Best of luck with the album!

    • Now i’ve had a chance to listen to the first track – that’s a nice piece of music, good stuff Gastos. Can i ask is it live instruments or indeed what instruments/equipment you used?

      • The piano is live and the majority of the strings etc are played via piano but changed the sounds on the computer as I cant play the cello….yet :)

        It’s all then mastered and perfected on computer.

  4. Can we have any more info on the album? Genre etc? Or are there any snippets available anywhere for free so that we can get a feel for it?

    • You can follow the iTunes link and use the song previews on there.
      It’s melodic stuff, mostly pianos and strings. Kinda perfect soundtrack music really.

      • i thought that when i was listening to it.

    • There is a little preview available through itunes but nothing really to get an idea about it yet. I’d like to hear a song first to get a feel for it

    • Here’s the title track

      It’s orchestral stuff. Like Peter said, it’s written with a soundtrack vibe :)

    • Sounds like the kind of stuff I could have done with for my revision. I’m not normally one to listen to music while revising but stuff like this I found helps me get out of own head a little.

  5. Sounds very soundtrack to me. Could see it in the cut scenes for the next silent hill maybe :-)
    Good luck with it.

  6. i listened to the previews, if i bought music on itunes i’d definitely buy a few tracks off this.
    free now especially i like.

    i have really varied tastes in music and most of the music i like, i like because it brings out some form of emotion in me, and this music seems to do a good job of that, that’s something i’ve found pretty rare in instrumental works when they’re just stand alone pieces of music and not from movies, tv shows or games to give them some sort emotional context, like when the song makes you think of the scene and how it made you feel, that’s why i have a decent collection of soundtrack albums. :)

    to inspire an emotional response like that without that connection takes some talent i’d say.

    for example, i clicked one of the previews without really looking and i got a sense of isolation from the music, like you’re in the middle of a desert and there’s nobody else around for as far as the eye can see, then i looked and it was called stranded.
    unless you were going for something completely different with that track. :)

    anyway, kudos on the album and best of luck with it.

    • Appreciate the comment. With ‘Stranded’ that was exactly the feeling I was going for. It was initially called ‘deserted’ as my inspiration was someone traveling the desert alone. So glad that’s how it came across :)

  7. Listened to the previews and I’m very impressed. Not what I anticipated at all but I’m all the more happy about that fact. Very emotionally connecting and much my sort of thing.

    I’ve purchased it, that actually makes it my first iTunes purchase as it happens! I have a lot of music but it’s all on CD, even when I have to pay extra for import stuff.

    I will try and spread the word for you and I’ll listen to it more this evening and make sure my gf hears it too as it will absolutely be her cup of tea. Really great stuff and I wish you very best with your future endeavors.

  8. Listened to the title track. Get this on spotify and you will get your part of my monthly subscription.

  9. I will be having this music at my wedding, funeral and any parties. Quite brilliant. When’s album 2 out?

  10. Awesome, I didn’t even know you’re a musician and composer, Gastos :) Haven’t bought anything on iTunes for at least three years, but will reactivate my account now. Good luck with the album :)

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