Fumito Ueda Talks The Last Guardian

Team Ico’s Fumito Ueda has spoken out about The Last Guardian in a lengthy interview in UK magazine Edge.  In the article, Ueda chats about the PS3 hardware – “it’s not a question of machine power” – and the relation between this new game and his earlier two for the PS2 – “I’m not making the game with any link in mind.”

It’s a fascination look into the head of one of Japan’s most considered developers – hardly prolific but commanding great respect, Fumito Ueda has created some of the most emotional games we’ve ever played, from the wonderful Ico to the dizzyingly brilliant Shadow of the Colossus, and hopes are high that The Last Guardian will be just as good.


“I feel this is the right approach to reach people who aren’t necessarily familiar with videogames,” he says of the minimalistic style of his games.  “I believe that the games in which you have tons of items … aren’t really accessible to people who don’t play much.”

“I don’t think that I’m trying to do anything different or as a reaction against a mainstream trend,” says Ueda.  “I think that from a visual point of view the game is pretty much in line with the market.”

He’s hugely respectful in terms of the relatively quiet sales of the first two games.  “I’m happy that my games are anticipated and welcomed.  I remember that Ico was not so highly anticipated, and SOTC wasn’t a big commercial success.  I believe that I’m still learning and gaining in maturity,” he says when asked if The Last Guardian got the same sort of reception – great critical reviews, but poor a commercial reaction.

Finally, he confirms that much of the game will be set in the castle we’ve seen so much of in screenshots.  “You won’t roam the lands, but there is a little bit around the castle.  Not much, though.”

He also says he’d like to make a first person shooter.  “Yes, I’d like to make an FPS.  I play quite a lot of FPS games in my free time.”

Source: Edge magazine, issue 226, which also features a lengthly preview of the game.



  1. I am looking forward to the HD Remakes and The Last Guardian [ALL DAY ONE FOR ME]. Its nice to hear of someone who is in love with the craft of making games. You dont hear devs being as sincere as this, its refreshing.

  2. Wow, imagine what kind of FPS he would make… And yes, I’m in the day one club for these too!

    • My thoughts precisely. He can produce emotionally engaging games the likes of which we rarely see and it’d be great to see him turn his hand to different genres. Maybe teach the others a trick or two.

  3. So looking forward to this – hopefully there’s going to be a nice collectors edition.

  4. Day one for me.

  5. Fumtio Ueda is easily my most respected videogame-developer, such an honest and modest guy, truly a legend. And so is his games, cannot wait for either the Collection or The Last Guardian, both will be absolutely brilliant I’m sure.

  6. The Collection is a no-brainer.

    I’m very skeptical about TLG though. It’s a return to the Ico formula, which I adored and still do. But if this new game that was 6 years in the making only offers 6 hours of gameplay, there will be blood on the walls. After the GT5 and KZ3 debacles, the last thing Sony wants right now is another one of its high profile franchises shot down to flames by the reviewing crowds.

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