Morrisons Now Selling 3DS for £187

As our intrepid Nintendo acolyte, Dan, appears to be lost in some internetless black hole, it has fallen upon me to report this latest nugget of 3DS price-slashing related news.


UK chain Morrisons are offering Nintendo’s imminent money-printing device for the low price of £187. You’ll have to drop a tenner deposit to avail of the deal but you’re all getting one anyway, right? Hey, if Nintendo is good enough for Jamie Redknapp, it’s smashing well good enough for the rest of us.

Thanks Alex



  1. A brilliant deal but if it’s only in blue, I have to say I wouldn’t be against paying the extra £12-13 for a black one.

    • No word on if it’s colour specific. I doubt it.

      • Both black and blue. ive seen the POS. I work at Morrisons.

      • That’s excellent! Colour me tempted … :D

  2. Still not tempted

    • Nor me. If it was the NGP, then I would be.

  3. Yeah, I heard about this. I work there and I’m absolutely sick of them advertising it over the tannoy, haha. It isn’t colour specific, though. It’s both colours. :)

  4. Do I get any TSA points for reporting this in the forums at 12:52 AND getting the piss taken by Teflon???

    • Do I get any points for going to the forum without spotting this story.

  5. Not bad considering i saw it for £208 at Blockbuster

  6. Ohh Cheap, but pass!

  7. Hope they do a similar deal for the PSP 2.

  8. After seeing a 3DS in action last weekend I have to say that I’m very impressed with the tech but there aren’t any launch games that make me want to rush out and buy one, even at this good price. When the new Resi title is released I may cave though :)

  9. That’s still nearly double the price of a DS, which is pretty unacceptable in my eyes given how little seems to have changed from that console to this.

    I would say I’ll wait until the price drops a bit, but sadly, that’s not really something that happens with Ninentdo hardware.

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