PS2 Games Coming to Android, PS3?

Today saw Engadget post a piece about PlayStation Suite going to Tegra 2 devices. This means the same PlayStation certified games that run on the Xperia Play and the forthcoming PS Suite element of the NGP will be available for Nvidia’s Tegra 2 tablets and devices running Android.

Interesting news but hardly earth shattering, right? Well, in amongst the text (and earlier draft of the headline) of that Engadget story there was a reference to PlayStation 2 games arriving on the service. It’s important to mention that this has since been edited out but it would be fairly big news if turns out to be true as it would see PS2 emulation for the first time since Sony scrapped it in the PS3. The reference to PS2 is still present in the AndroidAndMe story, which is apparently sourced from Nvidia themselves though, (at time of writing) so the situation is a little murky right now.

Apparently, the rumour is that Sony are waiting for quad core processors (like the NGP’s…) before letting PS2 games out of the stable. The Xperia Play doesn’t have a quad core processor but if this part of the rumour is true then surely it makes the NGP a natural option?

We’ve also asked around our own friends and contacts and everyone is steadfastly refusing to confirm that PlayStation 2 titles will make an appearance but they’re also refusing to rule it out. We have heard faint rumours that PlayStation Suite will not only be on the NGP later this year, it will make an appearance on the PlayStation 3 too.

Could this be the arrival of PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation Network Store? Let’s hope so, surely an emulator that can be run on Android devices could also be made to work on the powerhouse that is the PlayStation 3?

We would stress that this is all conjecture just now but we do see some cause for hope and we’re not hearing anything back from those in the know that would discourage our hopes. Is it something you would be keen to see?

Source: Engadget, AndroidandMe



  1. *nudge nudge TSA :P

  2. I’d like it for the same reason I’d like cross-game chat and a party system: to shut people up about it.

    Can’t say I’m particularly interested in it myself. I bought a few PS1 games from the store, but I just can’t play them now. I loved them originally, but they’re just so dated now. There are very few I’d appreciate playing again – such as the Resident Evil series.

    And the same applies to PS2 games. As well as my Slim, I also have an original 60GB PS3 with backwards-compatibility, but even then I only ever used it to play one PS2 game, and that was Tomb Raider Anniversary.

    After getting my PS3, I just couldn’t go back to the old games and traded in my PS2 and all related software within a month. I’ve still got no real desire to re-play any PS2 games, no matter how much I loved them at the time.

    • I have around 60> PS2 games and you only have to play Metal GEar Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty to know that this is something I for one would love to see. There a loads of games I missed which I would love the chance to buy and play if they dont turn HD.

      I know its not the be all and end all, I had a 60gb but got a silver slim ps2 and a 320 gb ps3. I would love this to happen though for the same reason it was a joy to not have to have a ps1 [ps2 era] to play ps1 games.

      Horse for courses – yep – would still be a nice little feature.

    • You’re the kind of guy that can’t watch classics like Black Narcissus because they’re 60 years old, right? Ah, what a shame. But it’s your loss.

  3. Hell yeah, it would be something I am keen to see. As much as I like the current gen stuff, the PS2 has an awesome back catalogue that I would love to delve into, without having another console connected to the thermal hub that lives under my tv.

  4. Nope cant say this is something I want, we need to move on from PS1/PS2 and start thinking more about PS3, although I must say the HD collections are awesome, that is the only way I will play these games again.

  5. GTA trilogy and the world can die happy.

  6. The first two Red Factions on PS3 would be great. They don’t even need upscaling, they’d still be fun :D

  7. If Son can be botherd to make a PS2 emulator for the PSP2 and Android devices then they can get it modified and released on the PS3

  8. Nope, only PS2 games that i wanted to play are now available (or will be shorlty) as HD remakes.

    But I do have a few friends that would love this.

  9. I would much rather have a PS2 game every month on PS+ instead of psone “classics” but I can’t see that happening and how much will these games cost anyway. Any ps1 game worth having costs £8 on the PSN so what about a decent ps2 game? £12, £15, £20?!

  10. Of course it would be nice

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