Rainbow Moon Announced For PS3

Eastasiasoft has announced that they are teaming up with SideQuest Studios to bring a new RPG to the PS3. Titled ‘Rainbow Moon’, the game follows the character ‘Baldren’ as he is cursed by a long time enemy and warped to a place known as, you guessed it, Rainbow Moon. That’s pretty bad luck, but to add insult to (possible) injury he also manages to open a dimensional gate and release troops of monsters.

Of course, the inhabitants of Rainbow Moon aren’t exactly thrilled and as such react to you in a very negative way. Your only hope is to seal the gate, and get back home.


Rainbow Moon key features:

  • Complex story mode with about 25 hours of gameplay, extended to more than 100 hours when including all side quests, missions and full character development.
  • Isometric open world to explore with more than 15 different terrains, such as mountains, snow, desert, grassland, savanna, mud and others.
  • Sophisticated grid turn-based combat system, featuring a large range of combat and skill commands as well as special attacks and effects.
  • Unique action and puzzle elements in a variety of over 20 challenging dungeons and 50 quests.
  • Six playable main characters with upgradable weapons, armors and accessories, allowing hundreds of gear combinations.
  • Detailed online stats tracking each gamer’s progress.
  • Technically perfected game engine, constantly running smoothly at 60 fps with close to no loading times.
  • Thirty dedicated background music tracks.

Rainbow Moon is set for release at the end of this year. 

Source: Press Release



  1. Rainbow Moon: Tom Clancy Farm Sim.

  2. Not really my kind of game, but I am intrigued by the ‘constantly running smoothly at 60 fps with close to no loading times’ bit, wonder how that will turn out

  3. always interested in a new rpg.
    this sounds like it’s of the tactics variety, i’m a big fan of those types of rpg.
    possibly over a hundred hours of gameplay? nice.

    didn’t they provide any screenshots with the press release?

    • oh yeah, did anybody else think zippy, george and bungle when they read the title?

      • Well there are 6 playable characters so and Rod, Jane and Freddy would make up the numbers. Now I’m off to spend the day humming rainbow theme now.

      • So is Geoffrey the target that they are all hunting down? They should try B&Q’s, I think he works in the Bathroom tile department these days :P

  4. if the devs can do this:
    “Technically perfected game engine, constantly running smoothly at 60 fps with close to no loading times.”
    then they’re not bad :P

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