Tribes: Ascend Announced For XBLA And PC

At PAX East, Hi-Rez Studios unveiled a new entry to the Tribes series. Dubbed as the successor to the popular Tribes 2, Tribes: Ascend will be a multiplayer-only affair and utilizes the Unreal Engine 3. The game will be released “late 2011” for the Xbox 360 and PC via digital distribution.

According to the press release, Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed long term plans for the series since purchasing the rights in 2010. The first game, Tribes: Ascend, will serve as a re-introduction to the series. It was also noted that releasing the game for additional platforms is still under consideration. That’s good news for PS3 owners.


Check out the debut trailer below.

Source: Press Release



  1. My heart started pounding in my chest when i saw this. Super stoked about it; I’ve played Starsiege, tribes1 and tribes2 with great joy, so I hope this will follow in its footsteps. Would be great to have a teamshooter with jetpacks again <3

  2. Sold.

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