Microsoft Releases Achievement Stats

At lot of things have changed in the world of games since what are now the current-gen consoles were released many moons ago, but it’s not just more pixels and particles being thrown around under the hood. Between online multiplayer and co-op, in-game voice chat, and social networking, gaming has become more about the community that ever before. Today, Microsoft have released figures for one of the more competitive aspects of this new gaming experience: achievements.

Since the Xbox 360’s release in late 2005, 6.3 billion achievements have been unlocked, say Microsoft. These achievements add up to a current incredible total of 176,802,201,383 Gamerscore points across all Xbox Live-connected users. The average Gamerscore is apparently 11,286, which makes my total of 240 really quite embarassing.


In addition, Microsoft have released some more general figures for Xbox Live, revealing that 20 million people sign in to the service every day, and more than four billion hours of online play have been logged since Live launched on the original Xbox in 2002.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Those are scary, scary numbers…
    I mean, wow.

  2. Ooh. Now come on Sony, release your comparison stats. We all know they don’t compare quite so well but I still want to see…

    • XBOX360 does have a year head start though, but your right, we would like to see Sony’s figures….

      • Three to four years.

      • Trophies were only mandatory since early 2009, and xbox has them since the end of 2006. That’s 2 years headstart

      • correction: end of 2005: That’s 3 years headstart

  3. That is alot of achievements! I wonder what the trophies numbers are.

  4. Wow, what an achievement the acomplished…

  5. This suggest a minimum of 20 million active Live accounts, that is… a lot! Based on retail pricing they would be generating ~1 US billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars per year in fees. I don’t see all that being invested _back_ in Live, but it would explain why it’s so profitable.

    Interestingly, Sony’s figures have sorta been released. Because the PSN is free is seems it’s a lot easier for people to ‘hook up’ to the net and get something useful. According to Sony, 80% of PS3s are connected online – and considering console sales are now close to 50 million, having 40 million consoles online is impressive, particularly when you consider console failure rates. That still doesn’t translate to active PSN use of course, but even half that figure would match Xbox Live figures indicating a pretty good parallel between the two consoles. ( I wonder how many people have made the switch between the two for online gaming? I often hear of people dropping Live for the free PSN, but rarely hear of people going the other way.

    I’d be interested to see PS Plus uptake, although I’d suggest it would be only around 15-25% of active users based on my own friends list. Services like Cloud Saving have to make it more attractive though, I must say that was a huge coup for Sony and an actual first (for once)!

  6. “makes my total of 240 really quite” I got my 360 just under a year after launch and don’t think I have that many. Haven’t switched it on for over 9 months.

    • mine is 11345, think I got the 360 in 2008, haven’t turned it on since finishing Mass Effect 2.

  7. My launch core machine (still going strong) has netted me 3500 points. To get an average of 11k there must be a some folks with mammoth e-peen numbers under their names.

  8. Cool, my gamers score is at 24,550. That makes me above average!

  9. XBOX360 achievement soundFX are lame, i prefer the sound of PS Trophy ‘b-ling’

    • I personally don’t care about the sound effects of Achievements and Trophies. Both systems are good.The trophy can be a bit annoying when it shows up and covers a part of the HUD but the same can be said for achievements. Don’t you think what you said was a bit biased?
      I think Achievements do come up quicker but it does allow you to check what you have just unlocked. I do wish we could check what trophies we have unlocked without having to go to the xmb and see what else we can do.

      • Don’t bother feeding the trolls mate.

      • He only voiced an opinion as to which sound effect he preferred! Not exactly major trolling.

  10. For anyone interested in stats… 4 billion hours works out as 450,000 years. Thats roughly how long ago humans arrived in Britain and also roughly when we started suffering from Malaria!

    In April 2010 the average UK salary for an office administrator was about £16000, so fudging the figures those years could equate to £7.2 billion of lost earnings. If all you did was admin :)

    • Dear sir you have too much time on your hands! I applaud you!

    • Love it! It’s like being on an episode of QI.

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