EU InFamous 2 Beta Details Released

It has been announced over on the EU PlayStation Blog that the InFamous 2 beta will begin on April 12th. Before you get wildly excited there is a catch; even if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription you might not get access.

Well, lucky PlayStation Plus members will be able to become just that when we open up the inFamous 2 Limited Release UGC Beta exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers on 12th April 2011.

More information will follow on how lucky PlayStation Plus subscribers can get access, (keep an eye on the EU blog!) but please be aware that not all subscribers will be able to get into the UGC beta on 12th April.”

We’ll keep you posted on any further updates.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. If I don’t get in im cancelling my subscription!

    *not really

  2. Socom Special Forces then followed by Infamous2, Plus is going to get better!

    • Yup i agree it has been brilliant this past month. I just hope i get in to this beta.

  3. My Birthday!

    • That will make a nice present then.

  4. I’ll have to wait for the secondary beta/demo

  5. The usual first so many, then?

  6. Another great beta for us Plus subscribers.

  7. Love having PS+

  8. Another good beta, but not all users! Sounds like a select group of people, most likely a similar scenario to the Modnation Racers beta, first come first served!

  9. Aww ive been playing InFamous 1 in anticipation for the sequel but other then that i have no reason to be a instant beta tester (even though im a PS+ memeber)
    hopefully ill get in but i doubt it.

  10. Fingers crossed I’ll get in on it.

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