Initial DAII Sales Show Xbox 57%, PS3 22% Split

It is being reported that the initial Dragon Age II sales figures are in, and show a huge gulf between platforms with the Xbox 360 at 57%, the PS3 at 22%, and the PC at 21%. Quite staggering percentages.

However it isn’t as clear cut as that, as digital distribution (such as Steam) isn’t counted, and that will more than likely make up quite a significant percentage on the PC side of things. Speaking from a personal viewpoint, every PC owner I know has downloaded it via Steam.


Even taking this into account, it is still surprising to see such a margin between the Xbox 360 and PS3. If you’re still undecided about the game, why not check out our review.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Hm.. I don’t think it as the same soul of the first game…. which was good…. but a friend said bad things about the second

  2. I’m surprised it’s so much though I think at this moment in time, PS3 owners attentions are being more divided than 360 owners with regards to what’s on the shelves right now and what’s coming soon.

  3. The gap in purchases could be for a variety of reasons. It could be that as there have been so many quality titles out on PS3 recently and more to come that Dragon Age 2 isnt that important. While the 360 hasn’t exactly been flooded recently with titles. Also Mass Effect 2 came out on PS3 not long ago and people might still be playing that instead.

    • This. Will pick up on PS3 sales over time

    • Good insight monkeyspoon. :)

  4. I would buy it if it had gone a step further in the direction of the PC-RPGs Baldurs Gate. But despite a good start with DA:Origins this one goes several steps in the wrong (for me) direction.

    I am actually quite sad about this, because I really hoped for DA to become some kind of spiritual successor of Baldurs Gate. Well, it seems I have to play Baldurs Gate Trilogy again…and again…

  5. With the amount of exclusives and multi plat games which offer more on PS3, its no wonder, PS3 gamers have more to go at then the 360 gamers. I have only just done MOH. I still have extraction, GT5, Mass Effect 2, LBP2 and Brotherhood to tackle with MVC3 and Motorstorm 3 being my next purchases.

    Games like Dragon Age will just have to wait sadly……

    I am sure there are alot of PS3 gamers who are back logged up big time, as I am :-)

    • Better hurry and complete all those games, man :]

  6. Probably because everyone on the PS3 downloaded the demo and found it to be a very average slasher with very bad acting and already own the superior GOW3. I know the full game isnt like GOW3 but that’s what the demo made it feel like.

    • Yeah and thats even with GOW3 being the worst of the 3… ;)

      If it has to be more of a hack-and-slasher to reach a new audience I would rather see them implement the fighting system of Demon’s Souls.

      • “Yeah and thats even with GOW3 being the worst of the 3… ;)”

        I’m curious as to why you think this…

      • Is tired, dull, brings nothing new to the table and is VERY SHOUTY. And Kratos is an unlikeable twat. Something like that?

        Also that there are viewpoints (forchrissake) so you can ADMIRE TEH PRETTEH.

        Self indulgent twaddle.

    • What jaw-droppingly flawed logic. It’s an RPG whereas God of War 3 most certainly isn’t. Also, regardless of personal preferences about DA2, it’s fairly similar across all the platforms. I reckon it’s because of the wealth of great exclusives the PS3 currently has. Then again, do we have figures on proportions for DA:Origins?

  7. Is there any information on the split of sales on the original Dragon Age Origins? Wouldnt be difficult to imagine Bioware having more of a 360 fanbase given the Mass Effect following. And 360 owners have had to wait quite a while for anything new from Bioware, whereas PS3 have had Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2 in the space of a few months

  8. Whilst I’m sure it wont account for the massive gap in sales, surely games like Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet and such are distracting PS3 owners wallets?

    The 360 has nothing of the sort so far this year so you know, its slim pickings.

  9. if i had any spare cash these days i would likely have bought this straight away, but learning from my experience from Origins with its DLC coming in at about £68, plus the price of the original game, i will wait until the ‘full’ version comes out which i will no doubt be able to pick up for £25 all in.

    i think the £30+ price tag for the PS3 version of Awakenings has cost them in the initial sales for DA2 as, like myself, i expect a fair few PS3 users will be waiting to see what the extra costs are going to be to get the complete experience.

  10. The xbox fanboys don’t give a toss about the game; they just say ‘ZOMG!!!11! ItZ mAyD By tEh SaYmE pEePzZzZz aZ MaSs EfFeCt!!!!11!11!!one!!eleven! ZOMG!! and rush out and buy it.

    • Just like with Bulletstorm. ZOMG!!!1! GeArZZzzZ 3 BeTa!111!!!!one!!1!

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