Weekly Discussion Wrap-Up: Gaming Time

So ironically after talking about having no time to play games, I spent most of yesterday playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’s new DLC. Sadly, that will probably the only time I get for the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll chip in a few more hours when I can, but I doubt I’ll get another full day of time for a while. Luckily it looks like I’m not alone in my lack of gaming hours, as it seemed most of you who commented agreed that finding the time has become harder and harder.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that more people are finding it harder to get some good gaming time in, the average age of gamers has been moving upwards for years. As more of us become adults with those oh so pesky responsibilities, it seems that we just don’t have time to actually play very much. In fact, as DJ JUDAS said, the only way time can easily be found is just to put some responsibilities aside for a little while.

I manage to find time to game, but normally it feels like it’s at the cost of something else, such as spending time with my other half. She doesn’t mind at all, and it’s not like I make a lot of time to game this way, it just feels like it.

Jen also put forward the interesting point in the difference between playing a game for fun and review. She’s right of course, playing a game for review tends to be about trying to cram in as much of a game as you can, whereas playing for fun is about taking it slow and enjoying yourself.

I’m single and self employed so I do technically have lots of time. As I spend much of my time reviewing games though, there’s a difference in terms of whether I’m playing games for fun or work!

Of course there are those of us who are lucky enough to play whenever we want. Take matthangzhou for example, who has gained my extreme jealousy by seemingly having as much time as he wants to play.

I have a sweet ass job teaching English which gives me a lot of free time plus my days off are different to the missus which means I get in too much gaming time. Oh and I have no friends = win!

Finally seedaripper1973 managed to perfectly encapsulate my feelings on the matter of finding time to game.

How about never?
*sits and looks at killzone 3 with my sharpshooter*


  1. Usually, i’ve got a few hours a week to game, but it varies on college work and mood.

  2. Can we have a poster of matthangzhou to immortalise his words?

    Something for all of us to strive towards. 8-)

  3. I managed to spent most of my Saturday playing Naruto UNS2, and finally finished it. That’s the first weekend I’ve just been able to devote my entire Saturday to gaming – and I loved it! Usually I’m seeing friends/family, work is finally no longer a weekend issue for me (new job, no weekends!!) but between the 42.5 hours a week at work and then spending time with others… along with all the other things like housework etc. It never seems to leave much time for gaming. I have 12 days off from work coming up though, and no money, so I’m going to spend the entire time catching up on all the games I need to play, lol :D

  4. Yep, my gaming time has been cut and cut over the past year, and It doesn’t help that I have 3 games pre ordered for March….

    At least I get more folding done :)

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