PlayStation Plus March Mid-Month Treats Revealed

The Plus Train just keeps on chuggin’. Having recently graced Yellow Cross-Bearers with the ability to fire their progress into the sun (or a cloud, same difference), the guys over at SCEE have announced the following added delights for mid-March.


The princely bundled Prince of Persia set; The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones, is now on offer for €29.99/£23.99, while MAG’s Escalation and Interdiction expansion packs have been slashed to half-price.

Begrudgers will undoubtedly complain that this month’s half-time treat doesn’t include anything for free. We’ll be unable to hear such bellyaches, however, as we’ll be too busy shooting Matt in the face as SVER in the new MAG game modes. (SVER 4Ever)

Source: Official PlayStation EU blog



  1. You can’t really call the PoP trilogy good value when you can pick it up from shopto for about £14 or so.

    • Indeed, it does seem like they expect users of PSN to have absolutely no concept of what things cost in the real world.

      Maybe I’m stereotyping but I would imagine people with PSN+ subscriptions would actually have MORE idea of the cost of physical media.

      • Too right. The Hut – £12.49!! £9.99 would make it a PSN bargain.

  2. Is there any reason I can’t think of why they are not pricing digital content more competitvely? There’s noway I’m going to fork out £23.99 for digital content when I can get the hard copy elsewhere much cheaper, as already stated.

  3. Quite a dull discount as I own all MAG DLC, I stopped playing after GT5 came out.

  4. It must be cheaper to distribute online right? If so how can they justify these prices for content, it’s daylight robbery

    • Lol Dick Turpin wore a mask for God’s sake

      • That was only to disguise his hideously flaky eyelids! Ok, I made that up…

  5. Ooh will grab the MAG packs, have had my eye on them for a while.

  6. Sony don’t set the prices for third party software on PSN, the publishers do. They can negotiate price cuts (or absorb the loss themselves) but only their own software is priced by them. That’s why we see such competitive pricing on the first party stuff yet third party stuff like Mass Effect looking to bend us over.

  7. I can’t wait till next week when I pick up the Socom 4 beta.

  8. I was holding off on the second MAG DLC because I heard rumour of a price drop due (although I expected it to be in Jan like the US store?).
    Oddly enough I was talking to a mate earlier today about MAG and had decided that I needed to pick it up in time for a LAN session this weekend. Now I read about a price drop so score for me!

  9. Damn. Literally bought MAG dlc last week. Damn.

    • And that, gentlemen, is the biggest problem with PSN+.

      • Agreed!
        They should discount new stuff, not the older things imo.

      • Saying that, I’ve had about £200.00 worth of free stuff for my £40 investment… not a massive issue if you look at it that way…

  10. Been bought MAG so gonna get into this :-)

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