Watch the Game BAFTAs Here

As promised, the replay video of this evening’s big awards ceremony for those of you who may have missed the stream. If you don’t want to watch the video, or can’t, then head over here to see the full list of the lucky winners.

Tuffcub has just written a monumental blog about the evening so I’ll nip off and start fixing all of his typos, ready for the morning, while you watch this:


Update: It seems the video providers have missed their deadline and left us with the placeholder. We’ll get the actual replay up as soon as it’s available.



  1. its just a advertisement?

  2. The placeholder of the statue looks like it’s made of wax and is melting under a hot lamp.

  3. With the stigma that video games are only for kids from a lot of people, it is always pleasant to see the baftas and such big names showing support. It helps the industry to show just how tall they are when standing next to other forms of media

    • Yet despite the BAFTA name, the celebrity presenter and guests, and the slick production values, it still doesn’t get picked up on UK TV – surely if not the big channels a smaller channel like ITV4 or Dave would want to show a BAFTA awards ceremony even if it is about games?

      ITV1 dedicate a whole night to the sodding Soap Awards, along with the big channels showing TV awards, Comedy awards, Pride of Britain awards etc etc – yet no gaming coverage on mainstream TV…

      For me the Video Game BAFTA’s are an excellent advert to show the Daily Mail mob how far video games have come as a medium and that’s it not some sort of brain-rotting mind wash device that is used to turn young children into anti-social criminals…

  4. Awww, wish I had known about this :-(

  5. I would punch Mark Lamia in the head and kick him in the balls. But he doesn’t have either.

  6. Nice to see Heavy Rain do well and congrats to Sony for getting 4 awards

  7. Aha, been watching this all day on n off whilst also gettin’ through many freeplay targets on The Saboteur :) Looked great and I too am surprised that this wouldn’t be shown on TV, however I think if it had then the guy describing the winners would be replaced

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