MK Kollector’s Edition Exclusive To GAME/GameStation

A kool sounding Kollector’s Edition of Mortal Kombat has been announced, exclusive to UK retailers GAME and GameStation. So what kan you expect for your hard earned kash? Well there’s:

  • Kollectible figurine of Scorpion and Sub-Zero: Hand sculpted with high level of detail
  • The Art of Mortal Kombat: A 110+ page book featuring original concept sketches and game art from the 2011 version of Mortal Kombat.
  • Retro-Ninja costume: Exclusive alternate in-game costume inspired by the original character design of Ermac.
  • Avatar costumes: Customise your Xbox LIVE avatar with Mortal Kombat costumes and challenge your friends in our new King of the Hill online mode. Exclusive themes and avatars for your PS3.

It is priced at £49.99. My spellchecker has had a right nervous breakdown after scanning this article.

Source: GAME, GameStation via VG247



  1. Want it, probably kan’t afford it. But, does it kome with both Scorpion and Sub-Zero figurines, or just one or the other? In the preview pik here it kinda looks like there’s just one dude inkluded…

    • that there be the amerikan edition. eu one has them fighting one another ;) kan’t wait

      • lol I can’t tell if he did that on purpose

  2. My wife ordered this special edition immediately after playing the demo :) It then dropped in price by £20 a few days later so its all good right now. Can’t wait

    • What a fine wife you have.

      • couldn’t agree more

      • lol pretty much. She doesn’t play many games, but any she does play she does it properly and buys the special editions. Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain, MK, etc.

      • Nice one.

  3. Played he demo and dont think its worth a crisp £40.00. although when it drops a little ill get this.

    I think it will be lots of fun and I havent felt like that about a Mortal Kombat game since ultimate on the SNES.

  4. I will be getting the Kollector’s Edition but don’t know which retailer though. Will have to wait until after April!

  5. Ooh I want this! I remember seeing something about Scorpion and Sub Zero being DLC characters, is that a load of bullhonkey?

    • Would have thought so mate – Sub zero & scorpion are staples of the brand, so it would be criminal to only have them as DLC. That of course doesn’t say that they won’t mind you…
      I suspect that there might be different skins etc offered as DLC though (a la SFIV).

      • Ah yeah it might have been costumes. It was a thread here somewhere, I’ll get off my lazy arse and have a look!

    • you have an interesting point, though I doubt it’s Scorpion and Sub Zero, at the bottom of the character select screen in the demo, the bottom left and right squares have silhouettes with DLC splattered across them. Wonder who?

    • Found it, preorder bonuses in America unlock the original costumes and fatalities for either Reptile, Sub Zero or Scorpion, depending on where you preorder from. Not sure about UK, but hopefully this will be made available to all at some point as I would quite like the original fatalities!

  6. Just played the demo of this and gotta say i was impressed. Tight controls, loads of special moves, nice amount of gore.

    Will prob pick this up when its cheap, no way bothered by special edition

  7. I want to get this game but the price is putting me off. Loved the original games.

  8. standard version for me, not fussed on costumes and figurines

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