Stacking ‘Lost Hobo King’ DLC Outed

Did many of you download Stacking? It was free for PS Plus subscribers and a game so stuffed with charm…well I can’t even finish off that analogy! Some DLC titled “Lost Hobo King” has been outed. There are no further details than that unfortunately, but it’s still good news.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Sweet, I loved Stacking! I presumed they would release some DLC so have had it sitting patiently on my PS since I finished it. Lovely little game.

  2. Great news. Hobos rule, especially in their hobocopter.

  3. Can’t wait! Best PSN game since Joe Danger and probably the best ever!

  4. Maybe I’m being greedy, but I was hoping for more! The description of the these trophies makes it sound like another chapter, as opposed to a series of chapters like in the original game.

    Definitely picking it up though ;)

  5. I need to finish the game but it keeps on giving me headaches when I play for to long.

  6. its been out for a while on Xbox Achievements still have to play the game yet.

  7. I must have missed something with Stacking as I just can’t get into it. Maybe I wasn’t expecting it to take so long to get into.

  8. A charming little game. Let’s hope this DLC isn’t to high priced…

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