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Usually, when Kris picks a game for WeView, he chooses something that he thinks was experienced by a lot of people. It’s usually something that was a good seller or got plenty of publicity. He looks for something with a TSA review to act as a reference point. But Kris is away and I’m not so considered in my approach to picking WeView titles. I picked the one that got the most enthusiastic plea for its selection.

[drop2]Stacking was a reasonably big deal, at least in the marketplace it resides. Few downloadable titles got as much publicity around their launch from so many different places. It’s odd that we didn’t review it at the time and I’ll be perfectly honest and own up to not knowing why we skipped it. Sometimes we just don’t have time.

I know a number of TheSixthAxis staff members played it though, and it was very much enjoyed by most people I’ve seen talk about it. Personally, I found it a little too heavy on tutorials and a little too slow to get going. I didn’t press on and uncover the delights that many talked about and to my limited knowledge, it looked like a quirky, repetitive puzzle game with too much walking around and not enough focus on that stacking mechanic.


The idea was to stack matryoshka dolls inside each other to assimilate and utilise special abilities and it led to puzzles which had multiple approaches. It was a smart idea and, by most accounts, it was implemented well by Double Fine. Coming from that studio, of course, you can expect a sense of humour to be present and Stacking didn’t disappoint on this front. It was written well, as you’d expect, with some amusing dialogue popping up throughout.

So, with no TSA review to quote, and limited personal knowledge of the game, it’s all the more important that I throw the floor open to you guys and get your assessment of Double Fine’s quirky puzzler – Stacking.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to leave a rating of Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It. We’ll collect the choice quotes for next Monday’s verdict.



  1. Wasn’t it a Xbox exclusive? Shame should be on other platforms by now if not.

    • I enjoyed this little title on the PSN, I’ll have you know! :-)

      • Ummm, yeah – I don’t think Xbox exclusives can be given away on PS+ can they? :P

    • Damn so it is.. Will have to try it then.

  2. There’s something strangely charming and different about Stacking. Sure, the cut-scenes go on for way too long but you can’t beat that puzzle-hunt challenge and the desire to find evermore curious matryoshka dolls to see what unique talent/trait they have. Also, the environments (for each chapter) really shine through with how they look.

    Rent It!

    • Ah, I’d like to change my vote to “Bargain Bin It” please. :-)

  3. Got this free with Plus. I really enjoyed the ideas of the game at first but I just found it to be a bit over complicated which put me off so I didnt really give it the chance it deserved.
    Bargain Bin it

    • I got it free on PS+ too and haven’t even started it up yet. Looking at what people have said, I think I’ll save it for a rainy day……

  4. Absolutely charming and thoroughly well-presented. I enjoyed every second of it and it even has a positive message. What’s not to like? BUY IT.

  5. I really enjoyed it at first. It’s a very unusually concept and deserves a look. I think the puzzles got a bit too convuluted and I eventually got bored. Bargain Bin it.

  6. I believe Stacking to be my favourite ever PSN download. Its quirky, inspired and unique. The game play was simple but allowd for enough depth to keep it interesting and the solutions to the puzzles had a monkey island-esq vibe to them (which was to be expected with it being a Schafer production). All the charm added to what wa a well rounded idea and quality title. A must buy for me.

  7. Utterly charming game. An absolute must buy.

  8. Completed this the other day :)
    Charming, cutesy, funny and some very clever solutions to some of the puzzles! Well worth it’s cost, tempted to get the DLC for it too! The cut scenes can seem to go on forever in places, but they do tell a very good tale.

    • Ooooh forgot to add BUY IT!!

  9. Probably the best thing PS+ has ever provided…and easily worth a buy!

  10. Bored me shitless. Avoid (controversial it may be but it’s only my opinion :D )

    • I don’t think its that controversial mate – I thought the same when i watched the preview. In fact i recall thinking to myself “is THIS what people are raving about?? Really??”.

      I was actually hoping to read some good stuff on it to see if i judged a bit early.

      Maybe not! XD

    • Lol, I remember we had a similar conversation before. I found it very boring and slow, played it for about 20 mins and remember giving up when I just had to go and find someone without knowing who exactly I was looking for. Trial-and-error talking to every NCP is not my idea of fun.

      • Oh, that was an Avoid btw, based on 20 mins (inc loading times).

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