Portfolio Suggests New Microsoft Hardware In 2015

Stephen Chapman (no relation) over at ZDNet appears to have stumbled onto something of a gem: an online portfolio of an individual apparently working on new hardware for Microsoft, with a date of 2015.

“Microsoft Xbox: Confidential,” it says, underneath a teasingly vague image of grey and black lines.  “Collaboration with Microsoft’s IEB Design group investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015.”


Of course, the ZDNet article is packed full of conjecture and wishful thinking, but it’s evident that such a release window would set the 360’s span at the magical ten year period, although there’s every chance that this has nothing to do with the Xbox brand.

“Whatever the case may be,” says the article, “the 2015 time frame is one that gives Microsoft considerable time for R&D, prototyping, production, and marketing planning, so I don’t see this as being too far off the mark from Microsoft planning a big release.”

Source: ZDNet.



  1. Probably a successor to 360 in my guess.

  2. 2015 sounds about right for an 360 successor. I just hope they take the time in everything this time so we don’t end up with a whole batch of malfunctioning xboxes on launch again

  3. I’d be happy with 2015 for the release of the next generation of consolses. gives us another 4-5 years to enjoy the current hardware.

  4. I feel 2015 is too late. We’re already at the stage where things like the iPhone/NGP are not that far off from what the consoles can do currently. I think Xmas 2013 would be better, by then the consoles would be 7/8 years old which in tech terms is ancient.

    • I dunno 360 maybe, Wii certainly, but the PS3 is just coming into it’s stride I feel that it could be squeezed for power for a few more years yet. As for the 360 I feel you are right, it seems to be running out of steam at the moment and if there is a nother 4 years to wait before a successor, what will happen? Stagnation of the brand maybe? I feel the only thing stopping MS releasing the console earlier is the cost of development. This gen is still quite expensive without worrying about the next.

      • I feel it’s more than about power now, it’s about interactivity, connectivity and a whole new web-based world we live in. The next consoles MUST embrace it unless they want to be the last.

    • Visuals play such a huge part but I agree with you, on the whole, Davs. Connectivity is everything and the Xbox is the one lagging behind with quality hardware under the bonnet (as standard) although appreciate Xbox Slim addressed much of that.

      Evolution of PC graphics has slowed down immensely over the last five years and consoles are still looking very presentable so 2014 would feel right to me. A year either side wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. that seems too far off to me. I'[m sure many will disagree but it seems the xbox hype machine is very low at the moment and not much isn’t happening regards to exclusives etc. I would say they are aiming at bringing something out before this.

  6. Incredible, PS2’s are still being sold, the PS3 is getting into top gear and the 360 is talking about a successor? (will it be RROD proof?)

    • they will just change the colour of the bulb… Pink?… PROD… GOD DAMMIT! I GOT PROD!…

      ill get my coat…

  7. Nows your chance Nintendo GO!!! 2014 release date for Mind controlled games!!!!

  8. Sounds about right….

  9. Am I the only one ready for the next gen? I think the ball was dropped a little this gen. Issues like AA being performance killing weren’t factored in very well. 256mb of video RAM and 256mb system RAM (for PS3) was very short sighted. Just my two cents. I love my PS3 but beginning to feel like the tech is holding developers back now.

    Whatever/whenever the next gen arrives full backwards compatability, 1080p 60fps is a must, no questions asked.

  10. I hope it will be sometime around then. Anything sooner and it will be too soon. What could a new generation bring to the table that would be enough to warrant the next generation? I don’t think that enough could be. I could be wrong though as I am not that technically minded.

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