PSN Gets ‘Minor’ Maintenance This Afternoon

The PlayStation Network will be undergoing ‘minor’ maintenance this afternoon, between 3PM and 6PM, GMT.

The work will not affect normal PSN activity, say Sony, with the Network still accessible during this period.  It looks like it might be fixes or tweeks to the download system from the Store.


“A small number of user may experience an error attempting to download content during this period and the error message may appear: ‘80022f10 – communication with server failed’“, says the official PlayStation site.

If this happens, either try the download again, or if it persists wait until after 6PM, at which point the maintenance should be completed.

Anyone expecting Cross Game Chat after Eggheads has finished need not apply.



  1. Oh no! Hope it is back up in time for tonight’s GT5 championship!!

    • The work will not affect normal PSN activity, say Sony, with the Network still accessible during this period.

      – You should be fine.

      • I hope they are right! :D

      • ‘normal PSN activity’ = GT5 disconnections.

  2. So… cross game chat is on it’s way? (crosses fingers hopefully)

    • just give up

    • Damn it, he beat me to it! wers mi crz gm chtz lulz

  3. those are repeats though, they’ve only got the original five, there’s like seven eggheads now.

    • It is better with just the original five though so repeats are a good thing.

  4. Meh, I wish they would tell us why they are taking it down. It’s like telling everyone you know a secret that is awesome and then not sharing. hehehe

    • I know why they’re taking it down…but I’m not telling.

    • …and yes, it’s awesome.

      • Really!!! Go on you tease, tell all….

    • Pages for the download list!!!

  5. It’s ok, it is for SingStar according to the official Facebook page :

    “Thanks to all of you for reporting the issue with some of the dance add-ons not downloading after purchase. Our colleagues at PSN are aware of the issue and a fix will be implemented this afternoon. We’ll let you know when this has been done as soon as we have that info available.”

  6. how anti-climactic

  7. Well its Mass Effect 2 tonight so no biggy….

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