Microsoft Planning Sequels

This article is not vying for TSA’s coveted ‘Surprise of the Week’ award. In an amazing display of stating the blindingly obvious, Kevin Unangst has told Gamasutra that there will be more from the software giant’s established catalogue.

Mr Unangst is the senior director of PC and mobile gaming with the firm so perhaps he’s talking about WIndows Phone 7 and Games for Windows Live titles but we’d still bet everything we own on the same philosophy holding true for the Xbox 360 too.


In other, almost as unsurprising, news, Microsoft will have something to say at E3 so don’t worry too much about their lack of first party content so far in 2011:

This is not the sum total. Although I love what we’re doing… there’s games that we’ve already even talked about coming this year. Games like Forza 4, games like Kinect Star Wars that we’re not yet talking about. That, and some other surprises I’m sure you’ll see and hear from us at E3 about.

There you have it: they like banking on established franchises, they’re going to do more of it and they will have surprises at E3. We could run this same story at this time every year. Forever.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. Well I got bored of my 360 and sold it last week. Too late for me MS.

    Guessing on another Halo for E3 then…

  2. 360 peaked in 2008 for me. Picked up an S last September but other then Case Zero I ain’t used it. :(

  3. They might want to pull something out of the bag pretty soon. My 360 is gathering dust right now.

    • You not fancy tickling a Tiger?

      • No.

      • Its virtual so it won’t kill you or anything incase it hasn’t been fed…..

  4. In other news, smoking kills.

    • wait what?…oh s**t

    • Yeah ive heard some of the chemicals in the cardboard that make up cigarette packets can cause cancer…. what a killer!

    • Tony Cawley – cotd!

  5. Unangst?… wow

  6. I guess its just needs another Halo or COD to keep the interest there.

  7. for the last couple of years i haven’t really seen anything new on the xbox unlike the PS3. Sony find more games that are trying to push things forward and reach new ground. that for me is exactly what i want from the world of games, not just recycled money makers

    • You mean recycled money makers like… inFAMOUS 2, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, MLB 11 The Show, MotorStorm Apocalypse, PixelJunk Shooter 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Resistance 3, SOCOM 4, Twisted Metal, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Yakuza 4… oh wait… sorry, wrong list. :)

      • By your logic every sequel is a “recycled moneymaker”. Hmmm.
        It is true though, the 360 very heavily relies on Halo and Gears and offers few new creative games compared to the PS3 which has a much greater variety in games. See Heavy Rain, Journey, LittleBigPlanet etc.

    • The truth is… both consoles are guilty of churning out “recycled titles”… it’s how they pay the bills dude, and it is how it enables them to push forward and reach new ground. Without the infusion of cash from these extremely popular titles, they wouldn’t be able to invest in new game development… it would just be too risky. It is unfortunately a necessary evil to accomplish future goals… and from the sales figures, it appears to be a great plan. :)

  8. E3 predictions for MS – New (if you could call any title since the first ‘new’) Halo, More Forza4 footage overplayed by Mr Turn10, more Star Wars Kinect footage but no interactive gameplay, Farmville / Facebook games for 360, major push for WGX in the casual space (see:, you rage you lose), new 360 firmware / gui, and a push for PC kinect modders to come up with the next hot thing.

    And of course, embarrassing dancing.

    • I think the budding love in with Activision means we will see the following joint ventures announced :

      Halo of Duty : White Chops
      Halo Hero
      Master Chiefs Pro Skater
      Fable @ War

      ….6 million map packs for all the above, even games with no maps needed.

    • Oh dear god the fudge was that

      call me a fanboy if you want but i feel that microsoft have done more harm to gameing than all the Allan TITmarshes and australian politicians put together

      • OK… fanboy. lol

      • Can you explain how Mircosoft have “damaged” gaming? They have contributed a lot and have made a successful hands free controller. They do have flaws but so does every company. Your comment sounded a bit fanboyish and you haven’t said why do you feel that way?

      • Totally agree with Steven here, care to explain that one?

      • well to me the whole xbox thing feels more like a busines venture rather than a committed effort to contribute gameing to
        not to say that sony and WiiPrintmoniez arnt looking for big profits but sony nintendo sega(rip) and many others have fought tooth and nail to achieve what they have and have the scars to prove it
        but with microsoft ive seen very little risk taking but far to much money spent on publicity and celebrity endorsements ect
        and now after getting hungry for the Wii crowd they appear to have discarded there bread and butter
        for tigers and red balls and when something else comes along they will suck whatever they can out of that
        my fear is that once xbox has become to high risk or whatever microsoft will drop it like a microvaved dog poop and leave behind a gaping wound
        because the gameing industry needs competition it thrives on the console wars its what SHOULD push inovation and creativity and those big risky leaps like cell processor things and blu ray i would also include kenect if it wasn’t for microsoft ripping out tech to make it cheaper
        i feel that gameing should be about creative geeky fun not repulsive lifestyle add campaigns and flavour of the week bullcrap
        i want to see microsoft pump some big investment into the games we play rather than what we hear about the games we play

        @The Lone Steven and nemesisND1derboy i did what i could O_o i hope its sufficient
        a rebuttal is encouraged but not required

      • STILLCANTTHINKOFAGOODPSNNAME – you mammoth comment could not be more right. Nai, Head smacked so far in it came out the other side!

  9. Don’t worry about the lack of good stuff so far (in 2011). Good quality misdirection by getting people’s attention shifted over to E3. Hopefully they’ll have some blindingly good content to tease 360 owners with very soon. It’s been drier than an Arab’s sandal for the last year or so.

    • ‘It’s been drier than an Arab’s sandal for the last year or so.’

      Quality comment! =]

  10. Microsoft are really lagging behind and need to pull some new IP’s out at E3. Sony have a great line up this year and it will be tough to match.

    • Damn right, and there will still be something awesome revealed by Sony. Sony FTW!!!

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