Mafia II Director’s Cut Leaked?

It seems that 2K’s latest mobster game may be getting a Director’s Cut in the near future. Gaming Bolt is reporting that an Amazon listing leaked the newest version of the game earlier today and although the listing has already been removed, it wasn’t done so before a pic of the boxes was procured.

As you can see from the shot below, the Director’s Cut will include the original game, three additional DLC packs and four different cars and clothes packs. This is content that has likely already been released separately included all in to one package but who knows, maybe we’ll get something new.


While this will probably only interest gamers that have not yet tried Mafia II, look at the bright side, now we know what publishers can call these game + DLC packages when the game wasn’t good enough to win a game of the year award.**


Source: Gaming Bolt



  1. Perfect. I’ve been waiting for some sort of complete edition.

  2. The game wasn’t great to be fair.
    Surprised they are releasing this…

    • Thanks MBJ, was gonna ask the question. It never interested me tbh

      • Horses for courses I suppose – I for one really enjoyed Mafia 2. I thought that it was a really strong story driven experience & the linear route of play & lack of side missions didn’t really hurt it one bit for me.
        The only let-down for me was when I came to look for all of the wanted posters at the end of the game & saw just how underused the rest of the landscape was. There were things like jumps in various places & epic landscapes for shoootouts etc that you just never saw during the course of the game – It was like they ran out of development time & just had to release it without adding in additional stuff.
        Still a good experience for me though.

      • I thought it was so-so, I was really enjoying it until the docks mission towards the end of the game which made me want to make one of the game designers sleep with the fishes.

  3. Oi!!!!!! take that back mafia2 has been the most enjoyable game ive played for a looooong time admittedly the demo was pants and if it wasn’t for my brother buying it for me i probably would never had played it
    but i am so glad he did because mafia2 although not perfect was outstanding the driving was satisfying the shooting got better and better and the story was more than enough to keep me interested

    and i for one cant wait for the next in the series

    • I actually liked it. Played through it twice. It’s just not GOTY material so I can see why they had to hunt for a different name :-)

  4. I really enjoyed Mafia 2. Story and atmosphere were great. If you’ve not tried it yet, this seems like a good opportunity.

  5. The DLC is meant to be pretty bad.

  6. I might get this depending on the price. I enjoyed the first mafia game

  7. Good news if priced correctly to generate a few more sales. What I really want however, is a PS3 Steambot Chronicles, though obviously 2K can’t help me there.

    • Yep. Despite massive price reductions on sites like Amazon and ShopTo, the cost of the game and the DLC separately might be a little prohibitive to some, so a bundled set at a discounted rate couldn’t hurt.

      Funny you should mention Steambot Chronicles, I was thinking only the other day at how brilliant that game was and how it needs a sequel. If only, eh?

  8. I don’t think they know what director’s cut means.

    Was a pretty good game imo. Shame not many other people cared about it/slated it, probably because when people heard it was about gangsters they thought ‘gangstas’. But with no chav cars or hip hop etc, most kids wanted nothing to do with it.

  9. Lent this off my brother 2 weeks ago and what a game. They could of done more with it but the story just kept me playing which is something i rarely experience nowadays.

    • The story was got me hooked too. I love the chapter where they bury the body. Was hilarious :)

  10. Definately one of my favourite games of the genre. I hate the GTA series and how un-focussed it is (way too many side missions and other useless crap!) so Mafia 2 was a breath of fresh air for me, with its structured aproach and much better storyline. I only ever rented the game so I may get this collection when it comes out.

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