Mortal Kombat Tag Team Gameplay Footage

NetherRealm Studios released a new trailer showing off Mortal Kombat’s tag team mode. The video features Scorpion and Sub-Zero facing off against Cyrax and Sektor. It’s a klassic battle of ninjas versus cyborgs.

Tag team matches consist of one round and end after both opponents have been defeated. It’s not exactly obvious in the video, but you can see Cyrax immediately replacing Sektor after Scorpion sends him flying off screen. The lack of health bars makes it an easy detail to miss. You’ll also notice that partners can tag in mid-combo to continue juggling an opponent. It looks like a lot of fun.


Check out the video below to see Johnny Cage as Ninja Mime. He’s silent, but deadly.

Source: Press Release, YouTube



  1. God dammit MK is looking awesome.

  2. Now that was a siiiiick fight!!! :D

    But, wait, Sub-Zero and Scorpion fighting side by side? What the heckishness?

    • anything is possible when there are cyborgs involved!

  3. Hope Smoke [Cyborg] is in there. I am interested in this again, does anyone have a Character List for this MK outing?

    • There’s 24 characters so far. More will be DLC. Goro and Shao Kahn are also in the game.

      Kratos (PS3 only)
      Quan Chi
      Noob Saibot
      Shang Tsung
      Liu Kang
      Johnny Cage
      Kung Lao

      • I was kinda hoping both ninja and cyborg version of Smoke would be in this, and Rain :'( And at a push, Chameleon. I can’t wait for this!

  4. This really is looking like the MK I’ve been waiting for since MK4 dissapointed me in 1995, it’s been a long wait, screw you Duke Nukem!

  5. I cannot effing wait =D

  6. Eh, that does look like a proper load of fun. Might even be a day 1. Will non PS+ get a demo? does anyone know?

  7. Cannot wait to get my hands on this. A day one purchase for me, even though i know it will be down to £20-£25 by may

  8. This is great, but I couldn’t play a fighting game without health bars…
    They were in the demo though, so I suppose it’s optional.

    • It is optional :)

      • what really? I thought them not being there was just for promotional purposes, but you can choose not to display them? Nice!

      • Yeah, Ed Boon mentioned it not too long ago on his twitter account. I assume he was serious. I dunno >_<

  9. Eeeeeeeaaaaaarrrgghhhhh I can’t wait for this!! *staggers off gibbering excitedly*

  10. @Delriach, I have a slightly more coherent question: I saw somewhere that there are 4 fatalities per character, is that right or is it just the one per character and the stage fatality?

    • I believe that there are two fatalities for each character and a stage fatality. Characters with Klassic MK skins are also given their old school fatality as a bonus. That could be how the number 4 got thrown around.

      I don’t know if the developers changed the 2 fatalities per character thing, but that’s what was mentioned awhile back.

      • Ah cool, that makes sense, cheers!

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