Dungeon Siege III ‘Katarina Vignette”

A new Dungeon Siege III video has surfaced, detailing a new character you’ll be seeing when the game launches. Her name is Katarina and the video gives you some details on both her background, as well as her combat style and weapons of choice.

Dungeon Siege III is currently slated for May 27 in Europe and 4 days later in North America.

Source: YouTube



  1. Any good these games?

    • I have never played them, from what I have read, this is pretty different from the first 2 though.

      Been looking forward to this since the 1st trailers though, got a definite Diablo feel to it :)

      The 4 player co-op could be pretty awesome!

  2. Jesus its Lara Croft with magic.

  3. another game that seems to think a woman’s stomach and cleavage is stronger than mithril.

    anyway, the game looks pretty cool.

    • I heared distraction is also a good way to fend off hordes of enemies. :D

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