Video: Before Killzone

The Killzone team have added to the rich back story of the game by commissioning a live action short showing how the conflict began from the viewpoints of two friends, one on Vecta and the other deported to Helghan.

Take a look to see an alternative view on the Killzone universe.


Source: US PS Blog.



  1. Very nice, always thought Killzone’s backstory was much deeper than most gave it credit.

    • I know they, there was quite a big feature on about the history of vekta and the helghast corporation and touches on the validity of ISA’s invasion. It’s still up here if anyone wants to see it: quite worth a look

      • I read that just before playing Killzone 2, its a really well put together backstory. I’ve just got to the bit in KZ3 where they mention another significant planet (trying to avoid spoilers!), its all a bit confusing, surely Vekta is the place to go next?

      • That was awesome, thanks for the link!

        They should have had that story as an intro video instead of the short/sharp text that preceded KZ3.

  2. Saw this earlier, nice lil addition.

  3. Conclusion: living on Helghan makes you grumpy.

  4. meh

  5. Nice prologue.
    If only Killzone 3 lived up to the hype.
    I mean, the weak story ending and the limited content in multiplayer made me disappointed.
    Hopefully Killzone 4 will deliver a complete strong story and 4x the amount of stuff to unlock, customize and play for.
    …and with updates that aren’t cancelled.

  6. Coooooooool!

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