Weekly Discussion Wrap-Up: 3D

With last week’s 3DS launch there was a lot of buzz about 3D. Peter was kind enough to give everyone a chance to air their thoughts in last week’s Weekly Discussion and, as is now the custom, it’s time to take a look at what you had to say about it.

Let’s kick things off with a nice positive comment. Unfortunately 3D doesn’t really work for me, but I’m more than happy to let those who enjoy it have their say. One of the biggest supporters seems be jimmy-google, who had this to say about his shiny new TV.

I’ve had my 3D TV for just under a month now, it was worth every penny. Films are a little hard to come by but I must be nearly 20 3D games now. Given the choice I won’t play Killzone any other way. After playing in 3D you really notice what you’re missing when you go back to 2D.

Whilst there are a lot of people who see 3D as a gimmick or in your face (and we’ll come to those comments in a minute), it’s nice to see that some feel it genuinely makes the game a better experience than it is when playing in 2D. If this becomes the consensus about 3D games then it’ll certainly be here to stay.


However, whilst many of you echoed jimmy-google’s comments, and also agreeing the Killzone 3 is the best example, there were plenty of you who aren’t quite sold on 3D technology in it’s current state. There were some, like rainydays458, who didn’t really see what all the fuss was about with the current technology.

I’m happy with only having two dimensions on my tv. If I wanted to experience 3d I’d go outside. Personally, I’m wiating for Holograms/Holodecks.

There are others who take it a bit further than rainydays458, going so far as to just see 3D as a gimmick. For example R4U Eldave0 had this to say about the technology.

3D is simply a gimmick…and currently a ruddy expensive one at that! I’ve only seen a couple of 3D movies/games and I can’t say any of them felt more immersive, engaging and than their 2D counterparts.
I’m usually a big fan of technology and it’s developments, but I’m really hoping that this 3D phase dies off pretty quickly.

Next up was an interesting point from gaffers101 about how we’ve just gone through one upgrade cycle. The jump to HD wasn’t all the long ago (so recently that I’m watching a SD TV right now), and lots of consumers have only just shelled out a few hundred pounds for a new TV. Do they really want to buy a TV again so soon afterwards? That’s gaffers101’s problem with his current plasma TV.

Really want a 3D TV, but what do I do with a perfectly good 42″ plasma (no I’m not going to give it away.) If the retailers offered trade in on plasma or LCD TV’s I’m sure more people would up-grade, until then I just have to wait until my TV breaks (soon, please be soon……)

In a similar vein to gaffers101’s problem, there were many who also complained about the general cost of 3D TVs right now. For example Mathematicool made the issue nice and simple.

Too expensive. I can live without the extra dimension for the time being.

Finally, my favourite comment on this discussion came from Teflon. He managed to put his own little spin on things, seeing an upside that I don’t think anyone else had considered.

You know the absolute best part of 3D? All the Sony PS3 exclusives that have 3D, the developers are going “Well, we’re already rendering 60fps for 3D, why not do 30fps per player and slap split screen in there?”

Without 3D, KZ3 would be single player only during the campaign, I have no doubt.

So that’s it for our discussion on 3D. As always it was great to see the variety of opinions on the topic. Tomorrow we’ll have a funky fresh discussion for you, although it may not actually be that funky. I’m not sure I’m cool enough for that.



  1. Huge range of opinions and thoughts. Have to love TSA debates :)

  2. Excellent summary of the points raised, especially as you included mine :)

  3. Not regretting getting my 3d tv – I certainly enjoy the depth the extra dimension bring to gaming. Now we just need film makers to really ‘get’ 3d for films!!

  4. When my current TV decides to die I will probably buy a 3D model to replace it. Hopefully it won’t be for a while as it’s not that old. By then the 3D TVs should be a lot better.

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