Rumour: GTA V Casting Call Leaked?

It’s looking likely that the casting call for the unannounced GTA V has been leaked. It is asking for a number of characters:

  • 18-25 “liberal young male who believes in a conspiracy made by Republicans to undermine America”.
  • 30-40 “white creepy man who thinks that technology is a poison against the wilderness.”
  • 20-25 “female obsessed with sex parties, always dreaming of becoming a Hollywood celebrity.”
  • 10-15 “young, fast-talking boy fighting for the right of young boys to drink alcohol and have sex.”

However, an additional character named James Pedeaston is what links this to GTA V, as he has featured before as a presenter for “The Wild Traveller” in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The quotes for him in the casting call match the description of the character in San Andreas.


We are hoping for an E3 announcement of the game.

Source: Ripten



  1. Wow! It is just not possible to keep anything secret nowadays is it. That is some crafty investigation gone on there

  2. I don’t think I’ll be getting gta5 unless they try something seriously different. I’ve grown very bored of the open world sandbox genre. Rdr was just gta but set somewhere else. Gta4 was boring. Gameplay mechanics are old, tired and repetitive.

    • agreed, I bought the last one and I played it for an hour before trading it in. It hasn’t changed at all. It needs a massive overhaul personally, its just boring.

    • Same here. I didn’t complete GTA4 and I’ve still got the The Lost and Damned and Gay Tony unplayed in a drawer.

      • if you didn’t complete gta4, why did you get the expansions? Crazy madness right there!

      • I’ev got Gay Tony locked in my basement. He’s there with Bisexual Dennis and ‘Married But His Wife Doesnt Know’ Steve.

      • Trust tuffcub to lower the tone. I tell you, you give us tc’s a bad name. Top cat is mortified to have his reputation tarnished by association with you!

      • i have to say gta 4 did have a slow start but trust me once the story comes to its climax its worth the journey. it really really is. i had it down as my favourit modern day story until i watched the wire

      • GTA4 was boring, i mean same thing as all the others.

        How can they change it up? I mean put in a new city, will be same as the others just new enviroment.

        Though for some reaosn i was addicted and loved Red Dead

      • they do not need to change it up that is what GTA is a open world sandbox game for all the people who did not like it 10 did it was a huge success! stick to the formula rockstar.

    • Oh and I completed both Rdr and gta4 but only because I hate starting something and not seeing it through. Only games I’ve played and not completed due to Non-enjoyment in the last few years are castlevania demon souls and start wars tfu. Just couldn’t get into any of them despite my best efforts.

      • I got the expansions as part of the bundle with my new PS3 slim, and at the time I was sure I’d play them and GTA4, but as usual something else came along and I never got round to it.
        I do have a very short attention span…….

      • castlevania gets better after about 3 hours in.

        and demon’s souls is the best game this generation. rdr and gta4 are on my top ten list, loved them both.

    • GTA: San Andreas was so much more, GTA IV really disappointed because of the stuff that was removed.

      If they have everything that made San Andreas so F****** great then I will be getting GTA V.

      • Yeah i hope they put everything that San Andreas had in GTA V and more of course and all kinds of crazy missions too

  3. I think leaks are always intentional….

    Gotta fire up the Hype Train somehow :-)

    • lets be honest R* don’t need to do much to fire up the hype

  4. There’s digging up evidence for you! Lets hope they work on better driving physics too.

  5. It’s funny how even something as inevitable as GTA V still gets me dead excited when more “confirmation” comes out.

    On a completely unrelated topic, can we expect a Shift 2 Review today? Think it gets released soon does it not?

  6. I liked some of the characters in the previous ‘leak’.

    Enjoyed GTA4 – it was just hyped too much. I enjoyed the gameplay a lot.

    • Agreed, GTA 4 is far from the best game of this generation, as Metacritic is claiming it to be, but still a great game which I thoroughly enjoyed.

      Roll on GTA 5!

      • i don’t know about best game of this generation but it certainly has the best story, characters and setting. Its all so perfectly realised and a wonderful timeless sitre on american culture and politics

  7. I’m hoping the brighten the game up a bit in tone and content. GTAV and the expansions were very dark and gritty. I want some passion like Vice City! I’m hoping it’s GTAV Sin City. Vegas baby!

    • Yeah they might as well remake San Andreas somehow, I just don’t see the point of going back to cities only, its not realistic plus police chases in the country ws so much fun.

    • Yeah they might as well remake San Andreas somehow, I just don’t see the point of going back to cities only, its not realistic plus police chases in the country ws so much fun.

  8. aw yeah, Vice City did have that gorgeos feeling ’bout it. That which San Andreas lacked a little but made up with flying the desert with the Who on.
    I thought GTA IV was boring too. But only after 150 plus hours of game time. We won’t see any game soon providing that much entertainment (still waiting for Skyrim). And the vehicles and animation were upgraded significantly. It also had so much little extra’s, like people dropping their heads on the horn when shot and cops going through their windshield. The major problems of sandbox games are that, when every mission and side quest is completed, there’s nothing left. Everything seems dead and dull.
    Maybe that’s a key thing to look at and don’t come up with a shitload of minigames, I friggin hate those.

  9. I’m just hoping we don’t have a torrent of tiny titbits sprawled throughout the entire year (just like Black Ops rumours and initial news) when it’s so trivial you end up resenting it all. Hell, I love the GTA franchise and even I don’t want everything reported on. *sigh*

  10. That kid is gonna be funny

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