Xbox 360 Trialling “Updated Disc Format”

Microsoft are looking for beta testers for the next Xbox 360 system update, which will include support for an “updated disc format”.

“We are conducting an open call for US based participants for a public preview to help us prepare for an updated Xbox 360 disc format,” says community chap Major Nelson on his blog.


“This is an important update as we continually strive to improve our products and we could not do so without the help of our great Xbox community.”  Quite.

The real treat for signing up for the trial?  A copy of Halo: Reach, which is probably worth the effort.  Shame it’s US only, but that’ll be those “disc distribution limitations” at play again.

Applications from Gold members (so to speak) will be prioritised.



  1. bluray???

    • Two DVD9 glued together … >:)

    • LG-Ray. ;-)

    • greenray, to tie in with the green lantern movie in the summer. :)

  2. Super-Vinyl?

  3. Surely anything other than BluRay is cutting off their nose to spite their face at this stage in the game

    • Yeah butI’d much rather lose my nose than my face… so to speak. MS fully backed HD-DVD, integrating Blu-Ray will look a lot like failure (because it is) on their part. I’m keen as to see what they will go for in the next console they bring out, surely Blu-Ray is the only viable option besides digital only… but I just don’t know. You never can tell with MS, their abaility to delude themselves at times has been mind-boggling.

  4. ZOMG!!! HD DVD IZz cuminz!!

  5. Since the 360 does not have a bluray player built in, it can’t be patched in through a system update. It has to be something that the 360 currently has the hardware to read, therefore can only be an updated version of DVD, perhaps with a higher capacity?

  6. I bet it won’t be blu-ray. Maybe. Wouldn’t we know if they were going to give out a piece of hardware along with halo reach?

  7. All it’s going to be is a slightly different DVD format, either to squeeze out a little more capacity, or – perhaps – to play with the format to make disc piracy more difficult.

    It can only be something like that, because a standard DVD drive can’t handle much else, and anything else would requite hardware updates.

  8. Perhaps MS have bought up Sonys surplus of UMDs?

  9. Why don’t they just use HDDVD? I don’t really understand why they scrapped it in the first place. I know blu-ray won the war but surely MS could have still used it for games only?

    • Yeh, I’ve always wanted to know that, if MS don’t want to use Blu Ray or Sony won’t let them, idk, but why don’t they just use the HD DVD tech and call it an Xbox Disc or something.

      • Wasn’t that an add-on for the 360 though?
        I’m not sure if that was built in at the start.
        I could be wrong though.

      • It was an add on, and I agree, it would have been a good idea for games only, perhaps it’s soemthing they will look at or the xbox720. It could be implemented, HD-DVD drives are about 12 quid at last check, the only problem is they were designed to go with early white models of the 360 and there isn’t many of them, so again it would mean a hardwear update which I’m sure people wouldn’t be too keen on!

  10. I wonder if it is HD-DVD 2.0? The only thing bigger then a DVD is a bluray.(i mean Disc wise) It will be interesting to see what MS has come up with. I wonder if it will be the same as BluRay or even bigger then it.

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