The Sun Claims 3DS “Makes Gamers Dizzy & Sick”

Despite clear warnings from Nintendo prior to the release of the 3DS (and, indeed, once you’re actually using the console) British tabloid The Sun has gone with a rather one-sided story today: Nintendo 3D ‘makes gamers dizzy & sick’.

Now, we’re not here to defend Nintendo, they can manage that all by themselves.  Indeed, they’ve already told trade paper MCV that they’ve had “zero calls on this issue in both the UK and across Europe” since the launch. Their own PR department have said that the allegations have arisen from “a few tweets and comments following the US launch”.


“HUNDREDS of furious gamers have slammed Nintendo’s new 3DS console – for making them feel ill” goes the story, which claims that fans have “besieged gadget websites and Twitter to complain of dizziness, headaches and sickness after playing the hand-held device for just a few minutes.”

They list two Tweets: “the 3D gave me a headache, so I hated it” and “bumped into a friend and we played with a 3DS but it made both of us feel ill” – both are which weren’t immediately found on Twitter, but did appear on MaxConsole (via a quick Google search) in a list of similar messages – the ones picked up by The Sun were the first and last in that list.

To be fair, the 3D does affect people in different ways, and running the slider on full has, in the past, given me a slight headache.

But the warnings are there from Nintendo, and picking up on a list of Tweets as evidence in this way just seems a little odd, especially as there’s likely to be just as many people perfectly happy with the 3DS and not “slamming” it at all.

Our advice?  If it does give you headaches, turn that slider down.  Games still work in 2D, don’t you know?



  1. Whilst it’s obviously not a wide-spread issue, surely playing the games in 2D defeats the point. It would be like saying, “if Kinect hurts your arms, play with a controller.” Whilst it’s true you can, what’s the point in owning it if you’re not going to use it’s primary features. Especially considering it doesn’t have the quality of games yet to warrant a purchase unless you play with the 3D on.

    • Was thinking the same thing

    • Because it plays games that you can only get on the 3DS. Regardless of whether it’s in 2D or 3D… :/

      • Well there is that

      • Yeah I know that, but the draw of the 3DS is its 3D, currently, not the games.

        And there aren’t exactly many that are for just the 3DS. Surely a big think for the likes of Street Fighter are that it’s in 3D.

      • Part of its draw, yes. But not everything. I bought it for Pilotwings for example, regardless of whether it was in 3D or not.

        Things like Streetpass and Spotpass are personally more appealing, although I do enjoy the 3D. Until it gives me a headache, of course.


      • Ah good point. I had forgotten about the likes of Streetpass et al.

        Can’t wait to try one myself. Think I’ll be fine with the 3D as I’m fine, and love, movie 3D but I know it’s different.


      • Indeedy.
        Tbh I don’t notice the 3D that much in Pilotwings and the fact that Nintendo said (I think so at least) that they won’t make a game which forces use of 3D means that they are aware that games are for everyone, 3D users or not.

        Personally I wanted it for all of the other cool features as mentioned above primarily.

        I have a feeling that I will use/notice 3D more on movies than the games.

      • Yeah, only on 3DS! Mario Kart! That Zelda remake! Monkey ball! Super Streetfight IV! Nintendogs! The Sims 3! Rayman! Ridge Racer! ONLY ON 3DS!


  2. Your first mistake is reading anything that comes out of the Sun.

    I know that when I had a demo of Street Fighter in Game it gave me a splitting headache after about 1 minute of play. Maybe that’s just me though.

    • The second mistake was looking to Twitter for reasoned comments.

  3. First of all its The Sun, you only get the paper to look at the topless girl, if its that paper :P

    Also quoting Tweets as a source of the article is pretty unprofessional tbh.

    • Maybe their next article should be:

      “HUNDREDS of furious readers have slammed the newspaper The Sun for being a PoS and waste of time – “many people complained on websites and twitter about headaches and sickness after reading the publication for just a few minutes.”

      Except it’d be almost factually correct so they’d never print it.

  4. In other news, the sun causes cancer and stupidity which may or may not be the result of dizziness from reading or staring into the sun.

  5. Just 1 more tree that was needlessly destroyed to peddle ill-informed lazy journalism

  6. From what I’ve found it really depends on the game you are playing. The 3D in Splinter Cell/Asphalt/Rabbids didn’t affect me at all. Ridge Racer took a bit of adjusting to. However, I have been following the guidelines and taking breaks, and 22hrs in I have yet to get a headache.

  7. There is another part of the article where one gamer cites that after playing the 3DS, their eyes hurt and they saw web pages in 3D. I think that just proves, as if it needed to in the first place, that nothing The Sun says is actually trustworthy. I’m not gonna pretend that this isn’t a problem, or that it isn’t a put-off for me personally but what a way to sensationally overdramatise a situation!

    • I don’t know, I kinda get the same feeling with 2D stuff now. The text looks wierd, like I’m waiting for it to pop out… :(

  8. The Sun?… right can they be taken seriously

    • Whilst the Sun is hardly a shining example of journalistic integrity, it is well known that 3D can cause eye strain and motion sickness.

      • Eh… I know, but its strange…., the 3D was always going to do that to these fated gamers. heh

      • i fear i may end up being one of those poor sods who does feel sick, i can’t play mirror’s edge for long without feeling sick, doom on ps1 did the same to me as well.

        i’m ok with 3d at the cinema, but who knows with the 3ds.

  9. and i claim the sun is a worthless rag that i wouldn’t wipe my arse with.

  10. for once the sun is right, and all of u that say the sun are wrong are in fact wrong yourselfs, 3d does cause problems not just the 3ds but all 3d devices!!

    • I won’t claim that the Sun is right, but 3D is ass. 2D for ever!

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