And The Best-Selling Harvest Moon Game Is…

Popular Japanese developer and publisher, Natsume, recently ran a social network Q&A with a number of Harvest Moon fans via Facebook and Twitter. For the uninitiated Western gamer, Harvest Moon is a family-friendly series in which players manage and expand their farms, the first title launching for the SNES back in 1996.


One of the questions Natsume tackled was “What is the best-selling Harvest Moon game?” to which they replied:

The overall best-selling Harvest Moon game is Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo GameCube. Others games in the series have come close, but none have topped the first Harvest Moon game for the GameCube.

There are thirty one games in the series overall, including a number of spin-offs such as Innocent Life and the fantasy adventure-themed Rune Factory; Natsume didn’t confirm as to whether these were counted with the rest.

Though Back To Nature is available to download as a PSOne classic, there are currently no Harvest Moon titles available for the PlayStation 3 unless you count Rune Factory Oceans, which launched in Japan last month.  It’s possible that the next time we will hear from Natsume is when they announce a Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS, which should be sometime soon.

Source: Facebook



  1. Hmm… I am missing something in this post.. something very crucial..

  2. I’ve always wanted to play a farm sim, is Harvest Moon that game? HAHA…..

  3. I’ve only ever played Harvest Moon on the Gameboy Color and the first Gamecube one but I did rather like them :) Oddly compelling.

  4. Love love love Harvest Moon! Back to Nature was my fave but I always really wanted it on Gameboy :) I hope they make a fantastic Harvest Moon game for PS3 It would get my day one buy if it was anything as could as I can imagine it :)

  5. I keep thinking about buying Innocent Life from the PSP store, but the lack of a demo puts me off. I suppose I should watch some trailers and read some reviews, but I just tend to buy something else instead.

  6. I love Harvest Moon so much. I need a new version in my life.

  7. never played Wonderful Life but hm:back to nature is one of the greatest game ever made

  8. the original Farmville? never played a Harvest Moon

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