Google Pull PlayStation Emulator From Android

As Sony Ericsson celebrate the launch of the new Android powered Xperia Play phone with a posh do down in London tonight, PlayStation emulator psx4droid has been unceremoniously pulled from the Android marketplace.

It’s possible the two events are unrelated, of course, but with the new mobile phone ready to go (well, almost) it looks at first glance like Sony are just protecting their assets.


However, the Android’s other PlayStation emulator – fpse – is still on there, at least at the time of writing, suggesting that perhaps it’s the ‘PSX’ bit of ‘psx4droid’ that’s caused the issues here rather than the emulator itself.

Psx4droid was a paid for application, with developer ZodTTD presumably not exactly over the moon at the news.

Good job we didn’t name this website after a bit of Sony tech, eh?



  1. That’s understandable, as long as other psx emulator get pulled. What’s the point in charging for Psx games if you can download them free with an app like.

    • they pulled it for content violation not sure what violation but sony proberbly asked them to pull it it makes perfect sense to be honest if every andriod phone can unofficially play PS1 games then whats the point in the Xperia Play ? other PSX emulators will most likly get pulled aswell if Sony’s leaning on google to do so I mean its exactly good for Sony is it or SE

    • Hmm… I don’t know, never meddled with PSX emulation the only reason would be to play games that are locked in legal hell. Much like the Dreamcast as well, but only Sega can’t be arsed with Shenmue & Sonic Adventure 2 in a collection.

  2. There are always the alternative app stores ;)

  3. I kind of feel sorry for the developers of that phone app, but I guess they should’ve seen it coming some way down the line.

  4. If it’s a paid app, then no wonder. That’s probably money that’s not going to Sony, at least in my opinion, you can’t sell copyrighted material that is not yours unless you are licensed to do it.

    Thesixthaxis, huh? Sounds like a PS Home space to me…

    • I tinkered with it for a bit on my Desire and they sell you the emulator but it wont work until you get the BIOS from another source (googling it) . I guess this is how they got around possibility of being sued or whatever . Also you of course had to find the roms for yourself .

  5. “Good job we didn’t name this website after a bit of Sony tech, eh?”

    Ahaha :) let’s hope it wasn’t to do with Sony feeling protective of their assets then

  6. guys, what the heck is that advert about, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it lol

    • No idea, it may be part of a series where all comes clear?

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