New Max Payne 3 Screenshots

Rockstar have tweeted two new screenshots for Max Payne 3 and they are rather different to the first pictures which featured bearded, balding and slightly tubby Max.. or are they?

The Internet seems to have focused on the first screen shot that seems to show Max back with a nice full head of hair and have declared that Rockstar must have listened to ‘the interweb’ when they moaned about new Sexeh Max* and have thus ‘done a Cole’ and changed him back.


However take a look at screen shot two, a bald man in the shadows. Check out what he’s wearing – brown trousers with pockets, two guns and a scruffy white vest underneath his shirt. Now check out the third screen shot which is from  way back in June 2009 and the new screenshot beside it for comparison.

It’s the same Max, Rockstar have not ditched Sexeh Max.

I would speculate we may be playing Max at different times in his life as there are two version of him.

Source: Rockstar Twitter

*Writers own opinion. Woof.




  1. Too bad they didn’t model him after Marky Mark.

  2. It looks like agent 47 has let himself go in the clothing department! Lol

    Loved max payne 2, great bit running through a skyscraper using bullet time to dodge armed guards only to be side swept by a helichopper going across the side of the building!

  3. Got the originals, very atmospheric, looking forward to this :-)

  4. I loved the gritty noir feel of the originals, not overly thrilled by the changes myself.

  5. Cannie wait. I only played the original two a couple of months back and I loved them.

  6. The stories were what drove the first two games, and they were great. I’ll never forget how Max Payne was the first time I’d ever had control of a character in a dream. It might have been done before, but it was a first for me.

  7. I love Max Payne. Still got the 1st one for PS2 didn’t enjoy the 2nd for some reason.
    I can’t wait for this one. Bullet time dodge was amazing back then until….. crap forgot the name of the game (Chow Yun Fat is in it) great game.

    • That’ll be Stranglehold – Bloody awesome game back in the early days of PS3 & one of the titles i hoped would get a trophy patch.
      Alas, twas not to be. :(

  8. I so hope this game will be on par with the other two…

  9. i thought this got cancelled.

  10. Max looks old but i guess everybody gets old at some point even game characters except me i’m immortal muhahaa :) but seriously i really liked the first 2 always liked jumping behind stuff in bullet time and shooting everybody like that hope this will be as good as the others

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