Cave Story 3DS Heading To Europe

We mentioned at the start of the year that the 3DS would be getting a shiny new remake of Cave Story, and it has now been confirmed for Europe. Arriving this summer, the entire game has seen a complete overhaul to take advantage of the 3DS’ glasses free technology.

The game is fantastic, but we do have one big worry. You can play it for free on the PC, or for a few pounds on WiiWare, so what pricing structure will be adopted for the 3DS? Can a £35 retail version make an impact?


Source: Press Release



  1. Interested, yes. I do think Nintendo need to address that pricing point though. Coming off the back of the average DS price range, it seems very steep.

    • Uh-huh. I was interested way back when it was first mentioned but the prospect of a £35 price-tag is rather disconcerting.

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