Weekly Discussion Wrap-Up: Vehicles

So, this weeks discussion on vehicles brought forwards a few opinions on just who was getting vehicles right. Of course, whilst there was a lot of talk about who was doing things right, there were some who pointed out those vehicles that just don’t work very well. As DrNate86 pointed out, it really shows when a game doesn’t handle vehicles well.

Nothing reduces the feel of quality on an otherwise stellar game than a badly done driving element.

I couldn’t agree with him more, a poorly implemented driving element can so quickly pull down an otherwise well done game. The frustration of trying to escape in a car that is almost impossible to handle, or flying away in a helicopter that fights you the entire way, just makes you want to slam the controller into the floor.

For example, Tuffcub brought up the apparently terrible vehicle handling in Borderlands. A number of you backed him up about how absolutely awful they are; including Zephyre, who found it difficult to actually get through the game given how bad the driving was.


I found it impossible to complete the Borderlands driving/shooting bit by actually driving. Pretty sure I ended up doing it on foot with the biggest gun I could find. Road kills were fun though!

They were a couple of others who also suggested action games where the vehicles just don’t work. In fact it seems I’m almost alone in my love for the Warthog’s handling. In fact R4U Eldave0 went as far as to suggest that problem simply be eliminated.

I know they add another layer of depth to combat but I would prefer it if vehicles were left out of any game that doesn’t fit into the “racing” category, particularly when it comes to online play.
There is nothing more annoying than playing your favourite FPS only to have some n00b (haven’t used that term in a while) sitting in a tank madly shooting anything that moves.

What was slightly surprising was the amount of love for Mario Kart. Of course Mario Kart is a fantastic game, but beforehand I thought the general swing would be more towards sim racers like GT5. There was a lot of love for them, but there were also several of you who agreed with me on the difficulty curve of sim racers, like gaffers101.

Those that like the realistic physics will go for the GT’s of this world, me I’ll just stick to playing Mario Kart against my son on his Wii ( he beats me every time anyway).

Finally, let’s get to the one love that I knew would have to shine through in the comments. There was one game that I knew would have to get a comment for the way it does vehicles, and I knew it would come from cc_star. I am of course talking about Warhawk.

Warhawk – Vehicle perfection

They’re all perfectly balanced to take each other out in the game, handling-wise they’re all very arcade which is both fun & frees your mind up to concentrate on other more important things.

So that’s it for another week. Look out for a new discussion topic tomorrow, and have a final say on vehicles in the comments below.



  1. yeah warhawk has it nailed!

    • btw how much hate did the GTA vehicles get?!?

      • GTA IV vehicles had a bit of a slap around the chops from myself. Somewhere between the old versions of GTA and the latest outing is mow-down-a-hooker nirvana.

  2. I don’t know why there is such a difference in car handling in GT5s off and online modes. Even with tyre wear and fuel use off (online) it’s closer but not the same.

  3. I agree with tuffcub, Borderlands is an excellent game, but the driving portion was one of the worst i’ve experienced…

  4. Warhawks vehicles had just the right amount of drivability. Modnation racers is as close to the original Mario cart handling as far as I remember too.
    Agreed that online/offline gt physics are very different oddly? No idea why PD did that though?

  5. couldn’t agree more, just finished ME2 and I dreaded the levels when you were in the Hammerhead hovercraft thing

    • *Shudders at the thought of the hammerhead and its paperthin armour*

  6. I thought the driving sections in HL2 worked really well. They usually got you out of the car to shoot stuff too. Drive somewhere, clear the road + kill people, drive on, etc. The controls were simple too.

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