SSX Deadly Descents Dev Diary

It’s fair to say that the information announced so far for the relaunch of the SSX series has received a mixed reaction, particularly from long-standing fans.

All the talk so far has been about the primary goal being survival as you race down to the mountain, not just to race or have fun but because of risk of blacking out in the thin air, along with the fact you have to stay in the sunlight because of the freezing temperatures. All very good but not very SSX.


EA have released the first developer diary which in the eyes of existing fans should rectify a few of these perceived wrongs.

As you’ll see the emphasis is now on the ‘three pillars’ of gameplay – Race It, Trick It and Survive It – which has an altogether more SSX vibe about it as the developers go to great lengths talking about how the new game remains true to everything that made SSX so great originally.

Source: EA.



  1. Fogot about this game, SSX could be cool!

  2. Sounds like it should be interesting. Good to see some guys who had involvement in earlier titles in the team. Very glad to hear they’re staying arcade.

  3. I will be all over this when it comes out.

  4. I’m gonna close my eyes and ears until the review is in, and only then decide whether to be excited or not.

  5. That’s better! Wow, the first trailer really did give a completely different impression.

    I’m far more on-board with this now they’re starting to show us that they haven’t forgotten what made the franchise great.

  6. It’s ‘aboot’ time they brought out another one.

  7. This makes a mockery of their initial marketing and launch trailer. Still, all is well in the world now.

    I just hope they get the handling right, it was perfect in SSX but appalling in Shaun White

  8. SSX is one Of those Francises that I must buy everytime a new one is released (other then ssx4 with skis – bad move on that part.)
    Nice to see ea provide video blogs of what’s in store. Looking forward to it.

  9. I used to play ssx tricky and Downhill Domination (i mention as its similar style) back in the day all the time. Hope this lives up to that and i wish they’d continue downhill domination in next gen… :(

    • I was thinking about Downhill Domination just the other day, what a brilliant game that was!

  10. I’m very interested in this, just hope the live up to the previous games

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