First ‘Pandora’s Tower’ Information And Trailer

The first proper batch of information has been released for the Wii RPG ”Pandora’s Tower”. The game focuses on two characters, Ende and his friend Ceres. Set in the continent of Graecia, Ceres has been chosen to sing at the harvest festival, but before she can begin everyone comes under attack from vicious beasts.

Ende manages to find Ceres, but she’s been knocked out and is about to be taken away by the army as a witness to the beast appearance. The two escape though and end up in an isolated tower. Following the attack it is revealed that Ceres has been cursed, and the only way Ende can cure her is to collect the flesh of the beasts that reside in the tower. 


Check out the trailer below:

Source: Andriasang


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  1. Maybe inside the tower they can find a legendary sword, but they’ll need help from a red dragon in order to get to the top..

    Eh.. I haven’t got a Wii anymore, 3DS port would be nice

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