Pandora’s Tower Release Date Confirmed

Nintendo has confirmed that Pandora’s Tower will release in Europe on the 13th of April. Pandora’s Tower is a Wii exclusive Action RPG, which released in Japan in May last year.

Pandora’s Tower features an epic storyline with multiple endings affected by the decisions you make.

Explore thirteen challenging towers on a mission to save your friend, set to a powerful soundtrack consisting of some of the most popular classical music in the world, including composers such as Verdi and Tchaikovsky.

Every decision you make will affect your ultimate success. The choice is yours. (Press Release)

The story focuses on the protagonist, Aeron, who is trying to rescue his friend, Elena,  from a curse which is transforming her into a demon. The player has to try to stop the transformation by forming a bond with Elena and also returning to her during the game to make sure she doesn’t transform completely.


Pandora’s Tower will have multiple endings, affected by how the game is played and will also have a New Game+ mode.

Check out the trailer below, which is in Japanese. At least it shows gameplay.

Source: Press Release



  1. Yet another game to throw on the list/pile. And possibly the last Wii game I’ll get.

  2. It’s going to be awesome :) This and Last Story should keep me busy for months

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