Portal 2 ‘Aperture Investment Opportunity #3′ Trailer

It’s week three of four of Portal 2’s Aperture Investment Opportunity trailers, which means the game’s release is right around the corner. This week the video focuses on the military-grade turret line available to consumers.

Having a quick flick through the 33,000-page instruction manual reveals them to be fairly safe, bar one or two  “hold harmless” clauses releasing Aperture from any responsibility in the use, unpackaging, cleaning, reloading, holding or entering the proximity of its product.

Source: ThinkWithPortals



  1. I’ll have two please :)

  2. No Hello Kitty turrets? :P

  3. The more I see these vids, the more I want this game. Haven’t played the first, though, so I might get that soon.

  4. Exciting that this is number 3 of 4!! Which reminds me how close we are now to release, 1 weeks tomorrow. So glad I will have broken up from uni!

  5. I’ll have one in black please.

  6. Promotion for this bad boy is great. Looking forward to this…

  7. Damn. Now I want these turrets more than I want the game.

  8. I love the voices of those turrets! I’d have one with a ninja costume painted on.

  9. This is the kind of humour I love. Brilliant campaign.

  10. That turret in the baby room reminded of a VGCats webcomic…

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