Mortal Kombat Webseries Premieres Next Week

The much anticipated live-action Mortal Kombat webseries will be premiering on April 12th over on the online video games channel, Machinima.

The series looks much grittier than the films that went before it, and a lot more grounded in reality. Well, as much reality as a ninja firing a spear from his hand can muster. Machinima had the following to say:

“Watch our Machinima Live Stream from 12pm – 4pm on Tuesday, April 12th. We will play Mortal Kombat exclusively with Sark, Hutch, and show Director Kevin Tancharoen. Additionally, special guest actors from the show will show off their gaming skills at the Machinima headquarters.

Stick around until 4 p.m. PST on the stream, and we’ll premiere the first episode of the Mortal Kombat series. See you then! ”

Source: Hadoken



  1. Lookiing forward to that.
    To see all Mortal Kombat games on a chart, click the link and zoom in:

    • Very cool, thanks!

    • Wow, I knew they had madfe a lot of shitty MK games but not THAT many!
      Everything looks good for the new one though so hopefully it will pull the series out of the deep funk it’s in right now.

  2. Awesome, It’s a series in the same vein as MK: Rebirth! Should be great…..should!

  3. Looking forward to MK9. The only thing that can let this game down for me is, connection problems or balancing issues. Other than that i just can’t see this game not doing well.

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