New Sonic Video Teases

Sega, and particularly their little blue mascot, defined my early console-loving life. It’s fair to say that the series deteriorated over the years and even last year’s fan-serving sideways platformer seemed to garner lacklustre praise and underwhelming sales.

Today, Sega posted a video teasing the upcoming (to PS3 and 360) game on Sonic’s Facebook page. There is not a lot to go on but we’ve heard suggestions ranging from multiplayer racing to a remake of the original Sonic. Who knows? Well, Sega do but they’re not telling yet. What do you think?



  1. Where is my Sonic 4 episode 2?
    I enjoyed the first episode.

    • +1. I too am a bit confused what happened to episode2…. good job I didn’t hold out for the complete bundle :S

      • I think Episode 2 got canned because Episode 1 didn’t sell too well (I only bought it twice!). I hope I’m wrong but I think I heard that somewhere.

      • O_O I don’t think so…

        “SoA and SoE are both giving feedback and input on Episode II. Episode I did very well for SEGA commercially, and thanks to everyone’s support, we definetly have a lot of traction going into Epsiode II. This usually means better budgets, etc.

        That said – I see a lot of really great ideas going into the next installment. ” – Sonic 4 Brand Manager in February

  2. Just posted this in the forum for people to discuss, looks like Green Hill Zone, so my thought is a 3D remake of Sonic 1 with multiplayer?

  3. :O

    Classic Sonic! He looks so adorable!

  4. A new 2D Sonic game would clash horribly with Sonic 4 Ep 2. It has to be a remake ;-)

    • The trailer doesn’t give us much but it looks like Sonic was running through some variation of Green Hill Zone based on the tiles and the loop. Maybe. The moves that Sonic does throughout the trailer is really similar to what we’ve seen in Sonic unleashed. Same for the camera transitions.

      The most interesting part is our old friend chubby Sonic running along side with modern Sonic. Even his running animation is classic, aside from not having the swirling feet. Still, it looks neat.

      It seems like this might be a new Sonic game, done in the same style as Sonic Unleashed (or Colours), with an old school twist. That twist possibly being linked to the original Sonic the Hedgehog, as evident by his appearance in the trailer.

      >_> I wish they gave us something to go by.

      • I know. Confuzzled!Is it cool to be excited about a Sonic game again? I am!

    • Indeed. I wouldn’t mind seeing classic levels remade in the style of Sonic Unleashed. Maybe…

  5. Now I like new Sonic, but then I really like old Sonic. But which is better? There’s only one way to find out…

    • By me telling you old Sonic is better? Because he is.

      • I’m totally behind you on that!

      • and me, I hated that he wasn’t in Sonic 4 but for the loading screens, that was a slap in the face!

    • Old Sonics has been eating to many chilli dogs, as you see with the video so modern Sonic would be 5secs faster

  6. The game’s apparently called Sonic Generations, so it looks like this will hark back to the old Sonics but also feature more recent outings.

  7. Ten ten (here we go again!) Who remembers this?

  8. Old Sonic is so much better than modern Sonic, so cute!

    • Didn’t actually notice that there were 2 different Sonics in the video until I read the comments! Old Sonic looks much better. SO much cuter :)

  9. Sonic Generations, makes me think multiple Sonics will be playable in the same game, looks to be a competitive multiplayer, maybe?

    Whatever, as a big (originals) Sonic fan I’m going to take some convincing over this as the homing attack ruined Sonic4

    btw. Loving the Sonic 1 & 2 releases on PS+, amazing games and perfect for a quick blast fired up from the XMB

  10. OMG… does this mean that Dr Robotic and Dr Eggman will unite?!

    • That would be amazing. Possibly multiple Metal Sonics as well.

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