Virtua Tennis 4 Trailer Shows Kinect Control

With the PS3 version of Virtua Tennis 4 seemingly taking the lead it’s easy to forget that the title will also support WiiMotion Plus as well as Kinect, making it the first game to utilise all motion peripherals (I think).

The latest trailer for the game shows off Kinect support. Judging from the brief snippets of gameplay coupled with what I have seen of the game in the flesh, the viewpoint and camera angles looks exactly the same as Virtua Tennis 4 with Move. It’ll be interesting to see how things such as spin are controlled.

Source: YouTube



  1. This motion control thing really isn’t going the way I’d hoped. I don’t want to stand in my room swinging move like a madman, can’t we have games with more subtle control? Ruse was very well done, as wad flight control hd. Sid mieir (spelling?) Really needs to get to work.

  2. At the end it says ‘Only on Kinect for Xbox 360’, what do they mean by that exactly? … Because it isn’t.

    • I havn’t got volume on as at work so must have said it :) but just seen it and I cant see that it says “only” anywhere. It just says “Kinect on Xbox 360”

    • I expect it’s a clever way of saying the obvious (you can’t play it with Kinect on any other console), while making it sound (to people who don’t know better) like the game is only on Xbox 360.

      It’s like adverts with “representative of game footage” at the bottom, they mean what’s going on is representative (sometimes loosely) of what you do in the game, but some people might interpret it as representative of the game’s graphics (when in fact its just high end CGI).

    • This is unbelievably sneaky, I expect nothing less from Microsoft’s marketing material. “only on Kinet for XBox 360” in this case means “The XBox version of the game is only available on XBox!!!” The PS3 may be the lead platform, but Microsoft look like they may advertise the hell out of it :(

  3. This sort of games is best with a something you hold like the move and wii remote.Dance and fitness is where controll free gaming is best at.

  4. Shows Kinect control? Implies, more like. ;)

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