Epic New inFamous 2 Screens And Videos

inFamous 2 is no doubt one of the strongest looking games of 2011 and every time footage like this comes around, it makes me even more convinced that this will be one of the best games we’ll see before the end of the calender year. The following videos were posted over the US PlayStation Blog recently and they’re quite a sight. The first revolves around a couple of the massive bosses you’ll be going up against when the game hits shelves, while the second focuses on user-generated content and some of the cool things you’ll be able to do with the level creator. Beyond that, there’s also a handful of new screens. Scroll down, check them out, then be sure to let us know how you think it’s shaping up.


Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. Why don`t i like this game? a part of me says it looks good, but when i played the 1st game i really didnt get into it, whats wrong with me?

    • Definitely nothing wrong with you. Everyone has different tastes :-D

      • Would it make me sound more insane if i said i prefered Prototype? >:-D

      • Ha, no. I think ‘unique’ is a much more polite way of putting it :-D

      • Haha, i can live with `unique` thank you muchly >:-D

  2. Day effing One!

  3. Love the God of War style slowdown for the combo moves. I’m sure I’ll end up grabbing it but I’m so into Mass Effect 2 right now that I can’t see my getting a chance at it for a while.

  4. This looks amazing. The graphics are great and the powers have really hotted up. Looks like the games got a lot harder though with giant monsters and people with miniguns.
    After all that time collecting blast shards on the first game, its going to be hard for me not to get this.

  5. this looks really good and hope to play it one day.

  6. Awesome videos.
    I cannot wait to get my hands on this. =D

  7. The camera during the swordplay is fantastic!

    • oh, and the variety, free-running and destruction in the second video; it’s looking great!

  8. just found my last blast shard and got platinum on infamous 1 the other day. The first trailer looks epic!

  9. Bought part 1 just a few days ago, will start playing and with my speed of progressing, I can start part 2 on launch :)

  10. LA Noire and inFamous 2. my spring preorders and probably my only game purchases until around the end of the year when resistance, batman, mass effect 3 and uncharted come out

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