More 3DS Dates Confirmed

In amongst the official info that gave birth to the story about Zelda’s 3DS debut being given a date, there were a number of other dates announced or pinned down. We also just received an EU press release putting dates on some titles for that region.

Some interesting months ahead for 3DS owners with a number of titles aimed at the so-called “core” gamer audience. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II makes an appearance (May 24th), as does Dead or Alive Dimensions (20th May in EU) and two other “Dimensions” titles, Pac-Man and Galaga (June in US, Q2 in EU).


Driver: Renegade is set for “Spring” in the US while James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes is pinned to June 7th for US 3DS owners. We also had June 17th confirmed as the EU release date for Zelda, that’s a couple of days before the US date.

We would anticipate a lot more to be revealed for release at the end of 2011 when E3 rolls around.

Source: Press releases.



  1. June 17th for Zelda, just in time for me to pack it up to take on my honeymoon.

    • Your wife will be pleased! haha

  2. It’s May 6th and Steel Diver I’m waiting for. If only they could have released it before the Easter holidays instead of waiting until I go back to work.

  3. Cool, but meh. Would like to see some more unique games be released for the system soon than mere franchises.

    • Lots of people said that about the Wii. Sega listened, released MadWorld and had to watch as it tanked at retail.

      • Such a shame as well as I loved Madworld!

  4. OMG… OMG.. OMG.

    Pacman & Galaga 3D!!, can’t wait for DoA and Blazblue, and Zelda is at a reasonably date… so cool

  5. I would really like to know if any company has a decent RPG lined up for the 3DS. And would be even more interested if they took part of it online (like Monster Hunter).

    • Yup, I really want a RPG on it, probably a few by Christmas or worst…. in the meantime I must get Dragonquest IX

  6. Galaga looks superb. I am really happy with my 3DS, I only have pilotwings at the minute, which I love. And have also bought a couple of DS classics to tied me over til Zelda and StarFox!!
    Any other Sixthaxis 3DS owners happy/unhappy with their 3DS?
    Is it just me or do you really find yourself getting attached to your consoles especially Nintendo ones, they are just so well made.

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