Wes Yanagi On DC Universe Online

In a recent letter to players of SOE’s super-powered MMO, producer Wes Yanagi drops a few hints as to what lies ahead as well as how recent company lay-offs have affected the game. This month has seen the release of DCUO’s second free content update which are due to roll out on a frequent basis. With the first update centred on Catwoman, and the second focused on Two-Face, a Batman trend has been occurring and is set to continue with Ra’s Al Ghul confirmed as another leading character in a future update as well as Chang Tzu and Swamp Thing.

In the coming months we have a ton of cool things heading your way, from a new series of Raids in the Fortress of Solitude, challenging new Alerts, the addition of new Duo missions, new gear and items, and of course the chance to fight with and against a number of your favorite characters from the DC Universe to make your life interesting… and dangerous.

Last month Sony Online Entertainment was hit with a number of lay-offs, resulting in the closure of several studios and the cancelation of MMO shooter, The Agency:

Yes, the team was impacted and we lost some great developers and friends, but rest assured that we will still deliver *super awesome* new content and updates on a regular basis.

Source: DC Universe Online – Official Website


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