MotorStorm Apocalypse Gets First DLC

MotorStorm Apocalypse gets its first downloadable content today – the ‘Supercar Elite’ which game producer Matt Southern describes as ‘lightning-fast eye candy, with a completely unique look’ and some ‘Launch Livery’, both of which will only be available for the next two weeks.

Whilst a nice touch for those that bought the game at its (belated) launch, these updates amount to little more than re-skins.  Thankfully, Matt promises us more in the future: “a brand new track with more than one version (including another night race),” he says, “the Mode Editor, and so much more.”


We’re assuming this first batch of DLC is free.

You can read our MotorStorm review here.

Source: EU Blog.



  1. That DLC launch was quick. Does early DLC indicate perhaps good sales, trying to capitalise on early large numbers? Or is it planned early in the development to release the DLC at this point?

    • I would assume it is the latter.

      • I tend to agree. The demo didn’t get a particularly good reception.

    • Well this is just a limited edition car mod, for the first 2 weeks. Equivalent to the Week 1 tshirts in LBP…

      After that It’s all planned. Within the game there’s two unlockable art cards that reveal two of the upcoming levels, Alcatraz and what sounds like the famous giant hills with trams from San Fran, the name of which I forget.

      But if you think that it’s now a month since the original launch was supposed to happen, that’s practically 2 months since the game probably went Gold. Not really all that quick when put into context.

  2. From what I’ve heard, Apocalypse has flopped in some areas like the campaign for example. Just heralds back to the same saying, don’t fix what ain’t broke. Also, NOT COOL that the DLC is up for two weeks only. I must admit back in the Pacific Rift days I did shamelessly take part in the Signature Livery deal, but this close to release completely rules out any future buyers who are eying this DLC when they want to get it (Trade-in, not enough money etc)

    • It’s like the LBP Week 1 tshirts. This skin and model is £4 on the store, so only really for die hard fans.

    • You can still get it- you don’t even need to install it, just select download on the psn and it gets added to your downloads list. Then later, if you buy it, download it then.
      Or just keep it on your hard drive, as it’s most likely not going to take up much room.

  3. Motorstorm Apocalypse – Super Car Elite (2 Weeks Only) (£3.99/€4.99) Rating: PEGI 3

    I ain’t buying :(

    • Nor me, a bit of a rip off for just a new skin.

  4. I saw that there was a demo for this last night so it’s downloaded ready to play later, I hope the game has come out of development well since it sounded brilliant when initially announced last year.

  5. I’d rather they fixed the appalling on-line glitches than spend time on DLC. I’ll not be playing it until they fix the crashed during, after and between online games.

    • works good for me now.

    • Not had a crash or anything for the last few days, which suggests that they pushed out a server side fix that eliminated that particular bug. Go back and play it!

      Anyway, it’s not as if they can’t have people creating assets and maps whilst others are fixing bugs in the net code. Different departments do different things.

  6. I like the post apoc setting but whats with the slick sports cars?

  7. Shite, I need to get this.

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