New Mortal Kombat ‘King of the Hill’ Trailer

With the game’s release just days away, and the new webseries receiving positive word of mouth, it seems that Mortal Kombat is well and truly back. A new trailer has been released giving us a look at the King of the Hill online mode. Essentially this is a virtual cinema where you, and others, go to watch other people fight online.

You can perform different gestures with your avatar, and even score the fight.

Source: IGN



  1. There’s no denying it – Mortal Kombat is back!

  2. Love King Of The Hill mode in Rag Doll Kung-Fu, in fact I’ll give that a blast later, one of the best local multiplayer games on the PS3.

    Liked MK back in the day, but I just suck at these 1v1 fighters now

    • I’d gladly pay a few quid to have on-line fights in Rag Dol Kung-Fu. It’s an insanely fun game and my lad always hands a whupping to me, so lord knows how many times I’d get beat down playing against people on-line.

  3. Cannot wait!!! I havent watched the 1st episode of the mini-series yet, gonna wait for a few to be relased and watch em one after the other. Anyone here know how regular they are going to be released? (to save me trawling the world wide web)

    • Pretty sure it’s once a week. I hope it is, I can’t wait for the next one!

      • ah good. may wait until the week after next and watch 3 in a row

  4. Absolute Brilliant. Cannot wait to play this full game.
    SpikeyMikey23 the episodes were good I enjoyed it although no subtitles for me *cries*
    Looking forward to next week =D (I saw the trailer ;)

    • Subtitles? what language is it in? what language do you speak?….. :P

  5. Can’t wait.

    Staff of TSA: any idea when your review will be out. The game is out in a few days and I haven’t seen one review out there yet.

  6. Niiiiiice I love everything I’m seeing about this game. Will be buying day 1. is it out Tuesday guys? bid of a strange day for a game to come out if so.

    We need to get some online meets set up for this game, I imagine it’ll be a right laugh :D

    • My bad the game is out tomorrow in the UK. Not long now :)

  7. Mortal Kombat game finally done right.

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