MotorStorm Apocalypse Finally Arrives In NA Next Month

Dogged by a number of delays, Evolution Studio’s third console instalment of the MotorStorm series is set to launch in America on May 3rd. Originally planned for a March release, Apocalypse was unfortunately forced to push back due to in-game content which proved hard to swallow after last month’s catastrophic earthquake in Japan. The latest iteration takes place in a ruined city which is due to be struck by another quake at any moment. Seeing this as a golden opportunity to push themselves to the limit, MotorStorm’s legion of lunatics take to the streets in a no-holds racing tournament.

It’s hard to predict the extent to which the delays will damage the game’s reception. Although it received a number of stellar review (with our own commendation too,) Apocalypse barely managed to make an impact on the UK sales chart. Hopefully it will do better when it launches across the pond in a few weeks.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. Played the demo, hated it, won’t be buying it. End of story. (loved the first 2 btw)

    • I didn’t even know there was a demo D:

    • I hated the demo (didn’t like the handling) but bought it anyway and love it.

      • Interesting. I also hated the demo but risked a rent and I’m really enjoying it.

    • The demo is nothing like the full game. The full game is AWESOME.

    • The demo was on a fairly limited track, and the Superbike and Supercar definitely won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

      Rest assured, the handling of all the held over vehicles is practically identical (sadly, no bunny hopping for bikes/ATVs, but you can shunt now), and the tracks are pretty brilliant on the whole.

      • Don’t forget, MS:PR had a rubbish track for its first demo too…

  2. I’ve been unable to find it in retail giant ASDA. Does my ASDA just suck, or could this be part of the reason for it’s unsucessful launch?

  3. It’s unfortunate, but hopefully the sales will pick up. I’ll pick it when it gets to my Caribbean Island rock =)
    Maybe Sony’s marketing team can re-hype(?) the game all over again in the US.

  4. I liked it originally, but not that great a fan now, after playing it more and more, will be a nice wee trade in for the best racing game DiRT 3

  5. Can’t judge a game too harshly based on a demo. Take Crysis for example. The demo was based on an old build, and it looked poor on the PS3. Try renting at least.

    • Maybe… I feel I should give the finished product a go just to cement my grumpy opinion…

    • Da hell…I thought I was replying to Darksidesystems comment. Epic comment fail.

      • Meh. I won’t hold a grudge. Unless I have to…
        (shakes fist in the air)

      • No man, I was dissing myself there =)

        I really thought I hit the “reply” button below your name, and it turned out I didn’t. I was taking a swing at you ;-)

  6. This is great news. I’ve just starting playing this and it’s fantastic. To be honest i was surprised to hear that it had not been released over the pond yet.

  7. Well, to me it tries to be split/second in ways but doesn’t really pull it off, just found it to be rather uninspiring unfortunately. Loved Motorstorm 1, the second was marred by unbalanced gameplay. Oh well…

  8. Really enjoying this game. The actual game is far better than the demo leads the player to believe.

    • Yeah the demo was a bit of a let down for me, sort of killed my buzz for the game BUT although I have not played the full game I bet its better than the demo led me to believe.

      Such a shame game has sold so poorly, really wanted this to do well.

  9. I need to get this.

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