New Battlefield 3 Gameplay is Amazing

Behind all the marketing bluster about EA publishing a CoD-beater there is something about Battlefield which is, well, amazing.

Base-jumping, Jets, gorgeous lighting, smoke and dust that is unbelievably good. Falling buildings. Battlefield 3 looks like a world beater.



  1. Shit this looks amazingly good, amazingly. Must get the first two conquered :-)

    PS Version should get special love now Sony and EA are best buds.

    • The other 2? Battlefield 1 is in no way related to the story of this game (if it even had a story) and Battlefield 2 didnt have a single player campaign either.

      This game is in no way related to the Bad Company spin off.

  2. I want this game so much. Looks insanely good. Need a job to save up for the new GPU that I want to run this game maxed on my PC.

    • Yeah, I need to save up for alot of stuff. I wanna run this at full with 60FPS…. :/

      Getting it on PS3 too.

  3. Looks pretty.
    It’s obviously a CoD-beater, in everything aspect except sales I imagine.

    • Yeah, itll be better in every way, i expect. But COD will still sell, and probably break more sales records, again… Ugh.

  4. Er…..Wow. That’s… that’s incredible.

  5. “product not yet rated”
    how about cert awsome

    • You sir should be on the classification board.

  6. DICE, Guerilla Games, Naughty Dog and Crytek are in an all-out graphics war which can only lead to good things as far as gamer’s are concerned.

    • Shouldn’t Epic be in there… something on XBOX’s side?
      Nevermind. As far as I’m concerned, console-wise, Naughty Dog wins hands down. If you take into account PCs, then it’s hard to pick between DICE and ND. On the one hand, from this videos, DICE has indirect lighting, but Naughty Dog had some exelent SSAO in Uncharted 2. If you look on the artistic side, Naughty Dog is way better, since they have all these fresh colors and these animations that give personality to the charachters. Just my opinion though.

      • epic, latest installment bulletstorm, good graphics, not seeing it im afraid.

      • From what I heard, and please correct me if I’m wrong, Epic only supervised Bulletstorm. People Can Fly (who are partially owned by epic) did all the hard work. Epic’s last retail game was Gears of War 2, and that game looked incredible.

      • i stand corrected sir & your right, all the gears for that matter look spot on.
        (above comment was not meant aggressively btw, i see all gamers as one big family & that’s regardless of their preferred platform)

      • Yeah, There is no doubt that Gears of War 3 will look brilliant. Their own Engine, ONe that they have been working on for years, and exclusivley for one platform.

  7. I may be sounding a bit dumb here but I assume it is a sequel to Battlefield 2 rather than Battlefield Bad Company 2?

    The poster art looks a whole lot like Bad Company 2.

    • you assume correctly :)

      • Ta, I’m surprised they’re branding the two so similarly though.

    • I had a similar thought.

  8. The title of this article says it all.

  9. Still not seeing anything new, just pretty graphics that only PC gamers with damn good gaming PCs will really be getting.

    • i don’t know with things like killzone and crisis being FPS shooters on the PS3 i can imagine something very close to this being on consoles

    • Thats true, this is the kind of graphics we can expect from the follow ups consoles to XBOX360 and PS3

    • I agree there’s nothing new, I need to be shown dome 64 player goodness please DiCE!

      Graphics do look lovely though and I should be lucky enough to max it out, as long as the gameplay I know and love is there I’ll be happy.

    • not always bad, recently been getting into the latest p.o.persia.
      the same winning formula, but with more combat options. a joy to play & looks stunning.

    • Oh yeah, but that’s such a good trailer though!

  10. My jaw dropped when i saw this. really really did

    by the way does anyone know what music they use for the seconde half of the trailer? i’m guessing its the offical soundtrack

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