New L.A. Noire Video Isn’t Safe For Work

Looks like somebody sneaked a handycam into some kind of press screening of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire.

Not normally a big deal, it happens all the time, except in this case there’s nudity involved, something that – alongside shooting innocents as a Russian – generates lots of free press.


Probably not safe for work.  Unless you’re a 1950’s investigator.



  1. oh man…removed :-(

    • Yeh, it didn’t last long did it!

    • Wow that went off quickly…and the video was taken down pretty sharpish too…oooooh matron.

  2. Blimey, that was quick.

  3. X_Yoshy_X Cheers for the link but couldn’t find the one that TSA was talking about.
    Anyway the graphis and the game itself just blow me away. Absolutey jaw dropping gameplay. I watched one video clip and did not want to watch other clips as it will spoil me lol.
    Cannot wait to get this might even consider a day off work.

    • that is the same clip that TSA are talking about, the only nudity in it is the naked dead girl

      • Hmmm I watched it twice and can’t see it lol. Thanks Yoshy

  4. There are a lot of stripped corpses in some sections of the game, from my time with it. It’s not gratuitous at all, just part of the realistic crimes.

    • So, nothing to get “excited” about? *cancels order*

      • i guess it all depends on if you have a rigor mortis fetish -_O

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