New Skyrim Screens

Ah, The Elder Scrolls. We’ve spent days wandering around the undulating hills and isolated ruins of Oblivion and now we’re almost pant-wettingly excited about Skyrim.

Bethesda certainly look to have been spending their time wisely with this series, these new screens are wonderful. Axes, giant spiders, horned helmets and what appears to be a Gamorrean Guard from Return of the Jedi who has been playing with Zumba Fitness. Could we be any more excited? Well, not without having to change our slacks.




  1. Any idea if they are incorporating a VATS system like in Fallout? I hope they do. It would improve combat IMO.

    • It wouldn’t really fit in though?

    • if they have a VATS system for Skyrim i will kill myself twice. Takes the fun away

    • HELLL NO why the hell would they put that in TES

    • No offense but that is a horrible idea.

    • Lol, VATS is for Fallout fanboys who can’t learn to aim.

  2. The screens look almost like concept art to me, like someone has painted them almost. I find it quite hard to imagine them in game, although the second screen is a bit clearer.

    Whatever though, as soon as the game was announced I was ready to but it. Really looking forward to this game, and more info is always welcome!

    • Ready to but it? Oh lord. Im going to get some stick for that …

      • Hah! Some stick for your but?

  3. Can. Not. Wait.

  4. Picture 4 has a sense of scrotum about it…Sorry am I allowed to say that?…xD

    • I advise you see a doctor

    • I advise you watch The Elder Scrotums XXX: GMILF’S RETURN.

    • Freud would have a thing or two to say about you

      • As long as he doesn’t mention about my momma, it’ll be ok.
        *googles Freud*
        This Freud dude has got to die.

  5. To buy or not to buy , that is the question.

    • Buy is the answer, clearly.
      Unless you’re AG2297, then But it is the answer :D

    • Easy, buy

    • I’d say wait it out I mean after Oblivion and Fallout 3 (especially Fallout 3) I do not trust bethesda

      • Terrible games ikr.

        Seriously, 94 Meta for Oblivion and 93 for Fallout 3 are so totally low.

      • What? Oblivion is one of the best games ever made.
        Clearly you just did the story missions and called it quits.

  6. I’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game. Wanted to play oblivion but might just go straight to Skyrim, saying that they’re 100+hr games, I just don’t have the time unfortunately.

    • I’m exactly the same as you. Always wanted to play it, but I knew that I won’t complete it. Might get Skyrim though, it does look good.

      • same here, I tried to get into oblivion a couple of times, but I found it to be too dated. (says the guy currently playing through ff7…) I’ll most certainly butting this though. Sorry…

      • *I’m. Pretty please add an edit option to the comments soon.

    • if you do want to play a TES game don’t start with oblivion that game imo is simply BROKEN

      • No, start with Morrowind because Oblivions combat and other cool stuff will spoil you. After that go to Oblivion.

  7. Looks very nice, if those are the actual graphics I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of people out there in need of a new gfx card in order to reproduce that.

    • I’m looking forward to this game :)
      From what I’ve read elsewhere, probably an 8800GT as a minimum and GTX 460/Radeon 5850 recommended.

  8. Looks rather good. May have to substitute my social life, work life and girlfriend just to play this game though.

  9. That’s bloody stunning, I hope the PS3 version is up to scratch. Day 1 purchase for me if it is.

    • I’m with you on that. The screens fill me with a mix of joy for how good it looks, and dread for how bad the PS3 version could look in comparision to these.

      Still most likely a Day 1 for me.

  10. They look stunning. shame it is released in the same month as UC3. I am going to have trouble deciding which game to get if Skyrim keeps looking good.

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