Sonic Generations Officially Announced

SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Generations is indeed on the way. As hinted at in the teaser trailer, the game will see modern day Sonic travel back in time to team up with old school Sonic to solve the appearances of these ‘time holes’.

In terms of gameplay, the game will feature the classic side-scrolling stages of old coupled with the 3D areas we’ve come to know and …dislike. Spin Dash and Spin Attack have been included for classic Sonic, whilst modern Sonic gets the Homing Attack and Sonic Boost (hear that? That’s CC_Star raging).


So – are we excited for this?

Source: Eurogamer




  1. No.

  2. I really liked Sonic 4 Episode 1.
    Give me Episode 2 please.

  3. Have they given up on new episodes for Sonic 4 then?

  4. SONIC!!! He’ll meet with old friends, yeah! but who?

  5. Finally a game that will completely split gamers…..

  6. Do these games sell?

  7. Of course we are excited, we are gamers, we feed on games, even if they suck! i.e. Fifa!!! :P


    To be honest, I’d like to have a try at one of those Sonic games, missing them since the days of the SEGA portable (forgot the name). Any Sonic game with trophies? :P

    • Gah, I just found out there are many! But almost none has platinum trophies, QQ!

    • Yeah because the only good ones in 3D existed on the Dreamcast. Unleashed was ok though, but not the best

  8. If new (i.e nintendo) Sonic travels back in time and gets his arse kicked by old (proper) Sonic, does that mean that all the crappy games inbetween will cease to exist?

  9. Sonic is bi-winning. *cries*

  10. This makes no sense, old sonic teams up with new sonic… they’re the same person… well hog, yet they look different. It sounds a bit like Sonic rush but the series is heavily coming to a sticky end I feel.

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